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Publication of Baugo Community Schools: Winter 2022

Superintendent's Message: Competing in an Ever-Changing World

Our work is simple: prepare students for life after high school. When the economy is strong, job opportunities seem limitless and students often worry less about training and skills after high school. Experience tells us that as the economy ebbs and flows, earning certifications, training for new skills, and for many, attending college all pay huge dividends and higher wages later. Indiana schools are responding to this thinking by changing how students graduate. Baugo Community Schools too is responding to ensure our students are prepared to graduate and remain competitive now and in the future. Enjoy this edition of the Baugo Schoolhouse and take time to read our excerpt on graduation pathways to see how changes in requirements are shaping post secondary readiness in Indiana.

Graduating in Indiana

Beginning with the Class of 2023, all Indiana students must graduate following a career pathway. Fortunately, pathways provide a student more personalized experiences that can make graduation requirements easier to accomplish and more meaningful for the learner.

How Graduating Works

Students graduating this Spring must meet course and credit requirements-usually earning an Indiana Core 40 diploma and:
  1. Pass the Graduation Qualifying Exam (GQE) or qualifying for a waiver which also requires having attended high school 95% of the time OR
  2. Complete a Graduation Pathway offered by the school
Beginning with the Class of 2023, in addition to meeting course and credit requirements, all students must complete a graduation pathway

What is a Graduation Pathway?

The Indiana State Board of Education established pathways to create an educated, talented workforce. The goal of pathway programming is to provide students concentrated experiences to develop skills and provide exposure during high school to succeed in some form of quality post-secondary education and training.

Students meet graduation pathway requirements in 3 ways:

  1. Earn a high school diploma
  2. Learn and demonstrate Employability Skills through either project-based learning, service- based learning or work-based learning
  3. Demonstrate post secondary competence by completing one of the following:
  • Earning a technical/honors diploma,
  • Earning a qualifying score on ACT, SAT, or ASVAB
  • Completing a state/industry recognized credential/apprenticeship/or CTE concentrator
  • Earning a C or better on three AP/IB/Dual Credit courses

The three areas of graduation pathways are often referred to as "buckets" and students must satisfy at least one item in each bucket to graduate.

How We Support Graduation Pathways

Baugo Community Schools has calendared many opportunities and created a diverse pathway and work-based menu to ensure students have a more individualized experience to satisfy graduation requirements. Students may choose to complete a concentration in one of our local pathways in business, engineering, medical sciences, or education. Students can choose to attend the Elkhart Area Career Center or complete a work-based learning or apprenticeship experience to meet requirements. The key to pathway completion is for students to develop a graduation plan and stick to it in order to meet graduation pathway requirements; filling each of the three buckets.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reminds us that high school graduates make 26% more on average than non graduates. Incomes increase as skills and degrees stack. For example a student earning a certification is likely to earn 12% more than a high school graduate. And, the median income for a college graduate is 67% higher than a high school graduate.

Providing students and their parents with the knowledge to make choices and providing access to programming will ensure our Jimtown Jimmies can remain competitive in this ever-changing world.

Jimtown Wrestling Recognized by the NIC

The Northern Indiana Conference held the annual conference wrestling tournament on Saturday, January 15th at Elkhart High School. Jimtown did very well in the 12 team conference, finishing 3rd overall.

Jimtown had 3 conference champions on the day: Aaron De LaLuz at 120, Connor Watts at 145 and Landon Buchanan at 170. The Jimmies had several All-NIC performances including , Alex Moyer at 106, Mikey Kallimani at 132, Noah Eberhart at 138, and Connor McPhee at 182.

At the end of the meet the coaches in the NIC vote for the Wrestler of the Year and Coach of the Year in the NIC. This year Jimtown is proud to announce that The Wrestler of the Year is Landon Buchanan. The Coach of the Year is Jimtown’s Jerimiah Maggart

Jimtown Bowlers Advance to State

Congratulations to our Jimmie bowlers for their great seasons. The boys team won their Sectional while the Lady Jimmies team advanced all the way to Semi State. Two bowlers did advance as individuals–Congratulations to Jaymie Clere and Kasey Kelley on their solid performances–best of luck at state!

Testing Season Arrives

Testing is around the corner for many of our Jimmies. Each test is a component of graduation, so it is important to make sure students are focused and ready to go.

Seniors who have not yet passed the ISTEP nor completed Grad Pathways will retake the ISTEP on February 8 (Math) and February 10 (ELA).

Juniors will take the SAT exam while Sophomores and selected Seniors will complete the ASVAB test on March 2.

7th grade/Kindergarten Collaboration

The monsters have invaded! The 7th grade Family and Consumer Science Class teamed up with the kindergarten classes to create little monster buddies. Pictures were given to the kindergarteners to color and the 7th graders matched a monster doll that they made to the picture as closely as possible. Then the monster buddies were packaged up and given to the kindergarteners to keep. We had such fun creating these for our friends at the elementary school.

7th & 8th Grade Band

On Saturday, January 29th, several JJHS band students participated in the ISSMA District Solo & Ensemble contest at Elkhart HS. Students performed a musical selection in front of a judge and received gold or silver ratings and medals, as well as valuable critique of their performances. Our 7th & 8th grade bands are also working hard preparing music to perform at the ISSMA Organizational contest the weekend of March 19th, where they will perform in front of three judges, receive gold or silver ratings, valuable critique of their performance, and a commemorative plaque. Students in the JJHS Jazz Band are hard at work learning how to play jazz music, and the band will be performing later this Spring.

Kindness Week at JIS

Our counselors have been instrumental in planning and implementing Kindness Week at JIS. We took a week in January and focused on being intentional about treating each other kindly. Our grade levels each made Valentine’s cards for a grade level at the elementary school or some of our community’s senior citizens at Hubbard Hill. We hope to continue acts of kindness throughout the whole year.

Professional Development at JIS

JImtown Intermediate’s Professional Development has been focused on our teachers presenting new and innovative ideas to one another. We continue to put emphasis on a growth mindset in order to best serve our students.

Ability Awareness Week at JES

Ability Awareness Week at JES

JES students participated in Ability Awareness Week from January 17-21. As we have students in our school with various “disabilities”, Mrs. Timm, our Life Skills teacher, and Miss Floyd helped students to understand the challenges that disabilities bring and the courage and perseverance it takes to overcome them. We chose to call it “Ability Week.”

During library time, classes rotated through a variety of stations that gave students a better understanding of what people with different abilities may go through on a daily basis. The stations were dedicated to blind/low vision, sensory and fine-motor skills, and physical impairment.

Since our Life Skills program has started a few years ago, we have noticed that having students with these special abilities in the classrooms has benefited all of our students tremendously. The compassion and kindness that is witnessed everyday by our students and teachers is amazing!

Family Literacy Night at JES

More than 60 JES families recently came out for our Title 1 Family Literacy Night. We played reading games, participated in activities and shopped at the Book Fair. Parents learned more about our Title 1 Program, including the resources available to check out that support reading and math at home. Thanks to Mrs. Vollmar, Mr. Eppert and several of our staff for setting up and volunteering to help!

If you would like information on how to access our resources for home or any other information about the Title 1 Program, please reach out to your student’s teacher or the JES office.

And on behalf of Mrs. Hutsell, our librarian, thank you for the help and support for Book Fair. We made almost $2,000, every penny of which is used to buy materials for the library.

Baugo Solar Project is Complete

Baugo’s solar array is running at 100% capacity. The array is projected to produce 1,547,730 kilowatt hours at an annual value of $196,562 and a cumulative savings of $7,842,528 for the life of the project. This will cover 93% of the energy used at Jimtown High School. At a cost of $3 million the project was funded with no impact to local taxes and reduces the schools annual operating costs. Solar is a win-win both fiscally and environmentally and will have a lasting, positive impact; allowing Jimtown to remain focused on maintaining a wonderful facility for our students and community.

Thank You Maintenance Team

Teaching and learning would never occur without our maintenance department staff Steve Sandsmark and Robert Getz. Marty Moyer and Steven Williams round out the team for special projects. The maintenance team keeps our buildings warm, lighted and safe. They are early risers and weekend warriors responsible for plowing our parking lots and clearing side walks so that our buildings can safely open.

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