EIMS Lancer Update

January 28, 2022

Winter Dance is Tonight!

January 28th from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Admission is $3

Drop Off Note- There will be TWO drop off areas. Drop off 1 will be back by the gym. Drop off 2 is in the north lot where students will enter by the music doors.

Lancer Update

Lancer Families,

Hello from EIMS-

Once again we would like to congratulate Mr. Zeller, new principal of EIMS!!! yahoo. Mr. Zeller is ready to take over the role as principal, therefore Ms. Sloane's last day at EIMS will be March 11th. Go Lancers!

Second quarter ended today! We are half way through the school year! This is a great time to connect with parent portal to see attendance and grades for your child. If you are unsure on how to use parent portal or have not signed in yet, please contact- jacqueline_walker@eastiron.monroe.edu

If your child is vaccinated, please notify the school nurse, by sending your vaccination information to susan_green@eastiron.monroe.edu. Just a reminder, if your child is vaccinated and happens to be exposed to COVID, they can still attend school, if symptom free. If your child is not vaccinated and is exposed to COVID, they must stay home 5 days (as of today but this information may change) from the date of exposure.

If your child is having trouble putting his/her phone away during class, teachers will be asking to have them put it on their desks or it is an option to have them turn the phone in daily to the main office and pick it up at the end of the day. Phones are a huge barrier to learning and usually play a part in some manner in most of the discipline we deal with daily.

The Bivona lessons will be presented in health classes February 15th - 18th to all students, according to Erin's Law. Some objectives of these two lessons are to; teach personal body safety, boundaries and that their body is theirs, educate students on the differences between safe and unsafe touches, who are the safe adults to report to and how to “no, go, tell”, including how to help a friend, being safe on the internet, being a good digital citizen, and how to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships. The two lessons are differentiated for each grade level.

If you are dropping food off for your son or daughter, it needs to be during lunch time:

6th Grade Lunch- 10:45

7th Grade Lunch- 11:25

8th Grade Lunch- 12:10

Look for more information soon - Spring Sports registration will open February 14th!!!!! Go Lancers!!!

Lunch Time Reset

As the year goes on, there are processes and procedures that need a revisit. In this case it will be lunch time. Please watch the video for all of the reminders and a couple of changes to lunch time for those teams that eat in their classrooms. Below is a summary of the practices we will revisit on Monday for all students:

  • A/B days are for Thunder. C/D days are for Lightning. No exceptions, please go to the correct lunch assigned
  • If you are not back in your class after getting lunch this can be considered skipping and can result in a referral
  • All teachers will have rosters on the back of their doors to know who is suppose to be in what classroom. Being in the wrong classroom can be considered skipping and can result in a referral. Teachers can write passes for students to go to another classroom for lunch, but having a pass from the adult is a must.
  • There is no running to get lunch and no waiting at the doors for the bell to ring to get lunch
  • While you are eating you need to be seated
  • Lunch is not time to play. It is a time to eat, relax, and get ready for your next classes.
  • Bathroom and garbage will be at the last 5 minutes of lunch time and only one student will be allowed out of the classroom at a time


Big picture

N95 Masks will be available at the security desk Tuesday for students who would like one.

What to do if you are exposed to COVID

Job Opportunities in District

The district is hiring for transportation, food service, and building aide positions. Join the Lancer family. Come join the EIMS staff - we need food service workers and building aide....


Important Phone Numbers

Nurse - 339 -1404
Security Desk - 339 - 1531
Ms. Sloane - Principal - 339 -1402
Mr. Zeller - Assistant Principal Lightning Team - 339 - 1589

Dr. Whipple- Assistant Principal Thunder Team- 339-1587

Emily Austin - Counseling Secretary- 339-1405
Mrs. Harnden - 6th grade counselor - 339-1410
Ms. Potter - Lightning 7th & 8th- 339 - 1412
Mrs. Patterson - Thunder 7th & 8th- 339 - 1414
Mrs. Haritatos - Social Worker - 339 - 1438

Ms. O'Brien- Social Worker Thunder Team- 339-1403
Mrs. Nowakowski - Social Worker Lightning Team - 339 - 1415

Ms. O'Leary- School Psychologist- 339-1419

Technology Help Desk - 339 -1204
Cafeteria Manager - 339 -1424