Beech Class

Week of November 30

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From the kids:

On Monday, we had special guests. We celebrated Jeremiah, Josie, Lucia, and Guillermo's birthdays. We made sculptures with wood. Cole left for the dentist. (Allysah also had a birthday!)

On Tuesday during reading, we practiced making letters and we saw the pictures that started with the letters. Josie and Magnolia were playing penguins. We were resting with music.

On Thursday, we had a messy exploration. For recess, Allysah played Freeze Tag and Oden played Kingdom of Mice. We tasted a new kind of bread called egg challah. We took awesome bread notes. Nami made a sign of No smashing blocks.

From the grown ups:

We had such a full week! Birthday celebration, bread tastings, Fort Greene, letter sorting, and more!

We have one more Star Book show to record! We'll let you know as soon as the shows are ready to share.


Rasha and Madeleine


In math this week, kids worked in centers. We introduced a measuring center. In other centers, children continued to work with recording numbers. We notice that children are counting more carefully, and double checking their counting and their written work.

What can you do at home?

Estimate, then count things you see. Guess how many cars might be on a whole block, then count them. Guess how many steps it takes to get from one place to another place, then count steps. We want kids to build strong number sense - to really understand what numbers mean and their relationship to one another.

Compare sizes. Who is the tallest person in your family? Whose shoes are the longest? Who is the littlest in the family? Children can look for objects that are longer than or shorter than a book or toy. Having conversations like these will help build and practice the language of measurement that we are beginning to use.


How can we research?

This week, children learned more about bread by listening to read alouds about bread. They took notes on a nonfiction book about bread by drawing and writing something they learned. The children also used observation drawing to help them look closely at two of the breads we sampled this week. They used descriptive words and labels to add more information. Then, we cut the bread and learned even more about it by touching it, smelling it, and tasting it. Children used words like yummy, delicious, bumpy, soft, and sweet to describe the egg challah and cinnamon twist breads.

Reading Workshop

Children really have the routine of Reading Workshop down! During independent reading time, each child chooses a book to read alone. Children look carefully at the pictures and tell the stories. Many children are beginning to recognize some words and letters and are taking the time to look for them in their books. During partner reading time, children take turns telling the story with their partners and talk about books as they read.

We also practiced the sounds and letter formation of the letters C and T. Children learned a motion to go with each sound, practiced skywriting the letter (writing it in the air), then practiced writing the letters in their handwriting workbooks. Children also sorted pictures to show if the word started with a "c" or "t" sound. At home, you and your child can point out these sounds when you notice them in words.

Next week, we'll change the book baskets to include books with simple, patterned text and begin to have children read the words in books! We'll also be working on new letters!

Wood Sculpture with Studio Sara

The children began working on wooden sculptures in our Studio in a School time. Children experimented with different arrangements of pieces of wood. Some children built up, while others built out. Some children worked hard to create symmetrical sculptures. Balancing pieces carefully, the children created interesting and beautiful temporary sculptures. Next time, they will learn to use wood glue to hold their sculptures together.

A quick visit to Fort Greene

We visited our beech tree. Ask your child about how the beech tree looked during this visit. The children did new observational drawings of the tree before we headed back to school.