Gray Mouse Lemur

By M.R


  • They are well know as a small living primates not rodents.
  • They weigh about 58 to 67 grams(wikipedia).
  • Gray mouse Lemur are about 12 to 14 cm long(P.D par.3)
  • They have gray fur, but light color at the bottom
  • They are mammals.
  • Gray mouse Lemurs have big eye and only comes at night

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Gray Mouse Lemur are found in the forest of Western and Southern of Madagascar(BBC).
  • Gray mouse Lemur also live in nest; their nest only last for 5 days before making new one because they can be easily tracked by predators by their odor.
  • They like warm temperature, tropical areas, and hot dry region.
  • They live in Tree holes during the day to protect themselves from predators.
  • Gray mouse Lemur eats insects, flowers, and nectar; they are also carnivore(wikipedia).
  • Gray mouse Lemur are preys of owls, snakes, and fossa(Wikipedia).


  • Gray mouse lemur sleeps during the day and only come out at night to avoid predators(BBC).
  • They have a special element in their eyes so they can see in the dark.
  • Gray mouse lemur hibernates, but what is strange is that they hibernate even when it's not cold.
  • Their fur changes colors depends on the enviromnent to help camouflage them from predators(ADW).
  • Gray mouse lemur jumps from branch to branch. They also have good sense of seeing and hearing.
  • Their long tails help them leap and speed up.

Reason of Endangerment

  • Gray Mouse Lemurs are endangered because treer are cut down(Wikipedia).
  • Their nests are destroyed and therefore they do not have a place to stay.
  • They also get eaten by predators because of loss of habitats.
  • To help these innocent animal to survive by donating money to the S.F zoo donation box.
  • Gray mouse lemurs are known as the smallest living primates, imaging saving one of them it is like saving one of your kind.
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Lemur pieszczoszek :) (Lori Sonya :)