Gerald Ford

Maggie Hohfeler

Becoming President

  • In 1973, Nixon's Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned
  • According to the 25th amendment, Nixon submitted to Congress approval for a new vice president Gerald Ford
  • Ford became the first president to never have been elected
  • The fact that he had been selected, not elected, caused feelings of illegitimacy around him
  • Nixon resignation- August 8, 1974
  • Ford pardon- Granted a pardon of Nixon for any crimes he committed
  • People accused him of a buddy dealing

End of Vietnam War

  • Early in 1975 North Vietnamese drove Southward
  • Ford urged Congress to send more troops- they disagreed and did not
  • Without US troops, the South Vietnamese fell quickly, so quickly that US troops and some Southern Vietnamese were helicoptered out- the last leaving April 29, 1975
  • Ford admitted these South Vietnamese into the country and added more diversity to our already diverse country
  • South Vietnam lost the war
  • We pulled out- leaving Vietnam divided and stalemated
  • US lost confidence in military prowess, lost self esteem, and was shown as weak in eyes of other countries