February, 2021

Journaling is a simple yet effective way to deal and cope with being busy, stressed, or overwhelmed. It's also a nice way to lay out your thoughts and relax your mind. Although journaling is a nice way to unwind and write out what you're thinking, it is also very beneficial to your health. It can reduce stress, improve immune function, keep your memory sharp, boost your mood, and strengthen emotional functions. Plus, all you need is a piece of paper and something to write with. It’s that easy!

I'm guessing the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “journaling” is pink diaries, stickers everywhere, neat handwriting, and “dear diary” at the top of every page. But journaling doesn't have to reach any requirements or consist of anything special. It just has to include your own thoughts and the process should be uplifting! So I wanted to give you an outline of what a daily journaling process could look like.

Step 1:

Write the day of the week and date at the top of your blank paper.

Step 2:

List three things that you are grateful for that day.

Step 3:

State your goal for the day. This doesn't have to be anything specific. Some examples could be to do one random act of kindness, to finish all of your school work once you get home, or simply to try and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day, etc.

Step 4:

Take a little time and write out your thoughts. You can write about your mood, the long day you have ahead of you, lifestyle changes you want to make, or anything else that comes to mind!

This process will probably take 5-10 minutes and could be completed while you're eating breakfast, listening to music, or right when you wake up in the morning. There you have it. It’s that simple! Remember: you can do the exact steps I stated or you can do something completely different. It’s all about personal preference and what calms your mind the most efficiently. It isn't something that should feel like a chore or a burden to do. It’s a simple thing that could drastically change your day. So I encourage you to give it a try!!