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Week of September 23-27, 2019

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At our October 22nd General Membership meeting we will be handing out the revised IFC and beginning our work with the document. So that we have enough binders, please answer the question below. Thanks!

Reimagined Information Fluency Continuum

The Reimagined Information Fluency Continuum (IFC) is now available for use. You can access it on our LibGuide under the tab labeled IFC. Kerrie is meeting with District Superintendents this morning and will hand out a copy of the brochure that outlines the priority skills for the revised document.

Our October 22nd General Membership meeting will feature two regional librarians helping to roll out the new IFC. It is strongly recommended that all librarians in the region plan on attending this day-long workshop. All librarians will receive a paper copy of the new IFC at the general membership meeting. We ask that you please bring your green binder (remove the old IFC first) to that meeting in order to practice sustainability by recycling the binders.

In addition, mark your calendars for the SLS Regional PD Day on December 4, 2019. Barbara Stripling will help librarians delve deeper into the IFC during this day-long workshop at WSWHE BOCES. See the professional learning catalog for more information and to register.

NoodleTools - Request for Presenters

At our Council meeting this week we discussed the need to breathe some life into our NoodleTools usage and the council recommended having some professional learning on NoodleTools as a possible solution. We are envisioning a series of 30 minute to one hour long webinars on various topics related to NoodleTools and how you are using it in your library.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Ways to Get Teachers to Buy In to Using NoodleTools

The Basics of NoodleTools

Going Beyond the Basics

Google and NoodleTools

And More...

If you are interested in creating a presentation and then presenting during a webinar on something you find particularly useful with NoodleTools, please email Kerrie by October 11th.

NoodleTools Fall Webinars

Friday, September 27th at 12 noon PST: What’s New in NoodleTools + Q&A (Session 1); Saturday, September 28th at 10:00 AM PST: What’s New in NoodleTools + Q&A (Session 2); Friday, October 11th at 12 noon PST: Overview of the NoodleTools Platform

BEDS Day - Wednesday, October 2nd

BEDS day is Wed. October 2nd. That is the "opening day" according to the State Ed web page. Below is a copy of the page that you will be completing. You can access the entire BEDS form HERE so that you can see what's in it. For those of you who may be new, BEDS day is the “day” in which school districts report to the state on certain pieces of information for their districts. Each district is required to submit their BEDS forms by November 15th this year, but districts typically ask for information around now so I want you to be prepared with what you will need. The technology piece is for your IT people, not for you, unless you fill that role too.

The form has not changed much from last year. The questions being asked this year are:

  • Does this school have a library/LMC located in its school building?

    • If yes, enter FTE of all librarians
    • Is this library/LMC shared with one or more schools?
    • Enter the total number of TITLES in this library/LMC as of October 2, 2019
    • If no enter FTE of certified librarians even though there is no library
    • Does this school use a library/LMC located in another school building? If yes, list name and BEDS code.

Note: The number of titles should be EVERYTHING in your catalog, whether print, multi-media, eBooks, etc. That's the easiest way to get the number, and not parse anything out. If you need assistance with gathering these numbers, please contact Amanda for assistance. If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you!

BEDS Form Library Questions

Back to School Information from the NYS Library

The information below appeared in NYSED Weekly, sent to BOCES Superintendents, District Superintendents, and Principals, on September 20, 2019:

  • It’s back to school time! To help with classroom work and homework, the New York State Library and libraries statewide provide many free online resources and library materials for all students, teachers and families. Please let your teachers know about the many free resources available at their library that will help them to help all New York students succeed! For more information on any of these programs or services and how they can benefit your schools, please contact Sharon Phillips, Youth Services Program Manager at the State Library’s Division of Library Development, New York State Library at
  • 24/7 New York Online Virtual Electronic Library (NOVELNY) - Give your students and teachers the New York Online Virtual Electronic Library (NOVELNY) edge and start the school year right. NOVELNY includes Gale, a Cengage Company, and Encyclopedia Britannica e-resources. Other resources include New York State Newspapers, Kids InfoBits, Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints, Gale in Context: Middle School, Britannica School, Britannica Academic, and Britannica Escolar. School librarians across the State are training and supporting teachers and students to make the most effective use these quality e-resources for research, class projects and more.
  • Free Materials for Students with a Reading or Print Disability – Your school librarian and the local public library can help students with a reading or print disability and their teachers find free digital talking books or braille books available for loan through the New York State Library or The New York Public Library. A large collection of digital talking books and magazines for all ages is also available for downloading to any computer or mobile device. And it’s all FREE!
  • Early Literacy Resources – The State Library’s early literacy program Ready to Read at New York Libraries includes the DayByDayNY Family Literacy Calendar at Parents, teachers and other caregivers will find engaging and free daily educational and fun activities including songs, poems, videos and an interactive book of the day geared at Pre-K to Grade 1 students as well as families with very young children. A Spanish version of DayByDayNY is also available at

Send us your displays-- We love to show you off!

What a great use for caution tape! Thank you, Rebecca Ekstrom, for sharing this fun and creative Banned Books Week display.

Census 2020

The census is an important part of our democratic society and getting everyone counted is imperative. Libraries across New York are helping to ensure that everyone participates in Census 2020. The census helps determine our government representation as well as funding for our state, including education and library funding. So it is in everyone's best interest to help get everyone counted.

Here is a note from the NY Census Partnership with information and resources you can use:

The Census has been a cornerstone of our democracy since the first national count in 1790. A brand new video was just released that provides a smart and creative description of how the Census works. Also, the U.S. Census Bureau recently launched a new version of The new website adds features, resources, and materials to help inform the public about the 2020 Census. The site also includes dozens of new Statistics in Schools materials that can be used for all grade levels for years to come.

Copyright and Fair Use Workshop

The following are some of the larger take-aways from the Copyright and Fair Use Workshop with Anne Dalton that occurred this week at Questar III.

Common misconceptions:

  • If I do not make money from copyrighted materials then I can use them without issue

  • Materials without a copyright symbol are not copyrighted and so I can use them without issue

  • If the copyrighted material is easily found on the internet the owner does not care if I use it

  • No one will know


  • Students have rights under copyright law. All of their work is owned by them and to be safe, you should obtain permission from them before reproducing, destroying, or sharing their work. In fact, it is best practice to have your students physically copyright their work by putting the word copyright or ©, as well as their name and date at the beginning of their work.

  • The copyright laws that exist in the USA do not necessarily apply to other countries and vice versa

  • Notices of copyright are not required

  • For materials created today copyright lasts for the life of the owner plus 70 years

  • Materials (most) published before 1923 are now in the public domain (no longer protected by copyright)

  • Copyright law changes frequently

  • If it is not yours, check for Permission of Use. Some limitations are surprising.

Fair Use:

Schools/Districts have some exemptions to copyright that others do not, which is called “Fair Use”. Fair Use can only apply to materials that are strictly used for educational purposes. This does not mean that any materials used strictly for educational purposes fall under Fair Use. It only means they could.

Copyright facts that impact your daily life:

  • Your school district owns your lessons, as well as any material you create under the purview of your job.

  • You may not make copies of copyrighted materials, even if you are using them for educational purposes and even if you purchased the original.

  • You may not stream movies or shows for your classes from your personal Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, or any other personal streaming account.

  • You may not show copyrighted materials via YouTube, including book read-a-louds

  • Showing a full-length feature film to your classes could be a violation of the movie’s copyright, even if you purchased the movie.

  • Purchasing music or streaming services does not necessarily give you the right to use it for public consumption.

  • You must ask for written permission to use copyrighted materials, including images of book covers, genre graphics, printing art from the internet and displaying it in your library, using images on your social media accounts, etc.

High School to College Transition Special Interest Group

Below is an article that we plan to discuss at our next High School to College Transition Interest Group at CDLC. The article highlights what librarians can do to help bridge the gap in skills between high school and college. If you are interested in this topic and would like to discuss more, please attend the Interest group meeting at CDLC on October 3rd from 3:30 - 4:30. There will be a Zoom link for those who would like to attend virtually. To register, please go to:

Looking to Borrow?

SLS Makerspace Kits

Curious about using robots, virtual reality or Makerspaces in general? We have created kits to get you started on your path to makerspace success. Inside of our kits you will find,

  • 1 Dash Robot

  • 1 SPRK+ Robot

  • 1 pack of Ozobots

  • 2 Virtual Reality Headsets

Our kits were created for librarians who have the desire to learn but may not have had the opportunity to use the technologies involved in creating a real working makerspace. Borrowing our kits is an excellent way to grow in your knowledge about robots and virtual reality without financial risk. Plus, you aren’t alone. We are here to train you on how to use the technologies, as well as locate resources, connect you with other maker librarians, and help you build great collections.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Amanda Karian.

SLS Breakout EDU Box Kits

Teamwork! Innovation! Connecting! Critical Thinking!

Students will practice all of these skills and beyond when using Breakout EDU boxes. It has been shown that game-based learning is a tremendously useful way to engage students in learning. Teaching with Breakout EDU boxes creates an atmosphere of learner agency and fun. Students will also perform important skills such as perseverance, collaboration, and reasoning.

If you are interested in testing out Breakout Edu boxes, contact Amanda Karian for more information.

Professional Learning Opportunities

19-20 Professional Learning Catalog

Each year we create a professional learning catalog with all of the professional development that will take place during the year. It is where you will go for links to My Learning Plan to sign up for workshops. This catalog is meant to help you plan your own professional learning for the year. We will update this catalog if there are additions, deletions, or other changes that need to be made throughout the year so please be sure to check it regularly. You can access the Professional Learning Catalog here:

Mentor/New Librarian Welcome Event

October 2, 2019

4:00 pm- 5:30 pm

Questar III Central Office

Join us in welcoming our new librarians to the Questar III region! All librarians are welcome and encouraged to attend! Learning for the afternoon will include looking at the SLS resources available to all librarians in the region. Snacks will be provided.

Sign Up:

Library Staff Training

Library support staff, including aides, clerks and/or teaching assistants, will learn about various catalogs, interlibrary loans, book repairs, working with students, and best practices in terms of student privacy and policies.

Date: October 17, 2019

Location: Questar III Central Office

Time: 8:30 - 3:00 pm

Sign Up:

Book Buzz with Britt Buckenroth - Fall 2019

It's so hard to keep up with all the new books being published! This book club will give you the opportunity to expand your repertoire of NEW books, whether you are a school librarian or a teacher, as participants share the new books they have read. Participants will select and read NEW books (published in the last two years), from any genre, K-12 and write a book review. A review form will be provided. For each meeting, participants are expected to read either 1-2 chapter books, or 3-4 picture books and complete a review form for each book. ***PLEASE COME TO THE FIRST MEETING WITH COMPLETED BOOK REVIEWS AND READY TO DISCUSS YOUR FIRST SET OF CHOSEN BOOKS.*** The in-person one-hour meetings will be held at Questar III Conference Center. Participants will earn a total of six credit hours for attending the three meetings and completing the required book reviews. This opportunity is open to school librarians and teachers at all grade levels.

FIRST MEETING: October 16th

Sign Up:

Job Opportunities

Troy City School District

Job ID:TRYN0161996-7020

Job Description:
Library Media Specialist (P-#60)

Troy City School District has an opening for a Library Media Specialist. Position is full time probationary and will begin immediately. Must have valid NYS certification. Step salary is based on experience and the TTA contract. ALL applications will be accepted through OLAS only.

Application Deadline:09/30/2019
Start Date:09/23/2019

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