Gun Control Laws

Should They be More Tough?

Gun Control Now.

Lately it's been a big topic in the news, and it's called gun control. The question is, what is it and what should it be. For that second question there isn't a good answer that pleases everyone, but I can answer the first. In Michigan you can own a handgun or long gun (rifle, or shotgun). Handguns need to be registered and you need a permit to carry them, but long guns you need neither of these ("firearms"). There is also no magazine capacity limit for either type of gun. Is this enough protection to keep us safe? Or does the availability of gums make citizens if Michigan more prepared to defend themselves. Most right wing politicians are against gun control and most left wing are strongly for it (Ladd Everitt, Erich Pratt), but even with a democrat in office, we haven't passed many anti gun laws since the shooting at sandy hook elementary (Ladd Everitt, Erich Pratt). The only one that passed was a ban on plastic firearms.

Possible solutions, or is there even a problem?

For the sake of this paragraph, let's assume you want change to gun policies to make America safer. Then what could we do? Ideas that have been brought up are lowering the number of bullets that a magazine can legally hold, or even banning assault weapons. What impact would this have in america? In Australia it worked, but does that meant will here too? We don't know, but if we don't change somehow our gun violence rates won't change either.
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