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Be looking at grades over the next week!

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Submission rates for learner work has been significantly lower in the past couple of weeks. We have extended most deadlines to midnight in an effort to give them plenty of time to work. One thing you can do is click on the assignments and read your learner's submissions. The more accountability they have, the better!

Announcements: Global Humanities Project

We are now in the second week of our second project: A Perfect Government. For this project, learners are exploring several different government options, both familiar and unfamiliar, creating a presentation, and writing their first CRA (College Readiness Assessment).

Over the next week or so, learners will be crafting their essays during class and getting immediate feedback from their peers before they move forward.

The final portion of the project will be a group presentation where they will need to defend an assigned government. We are looking for parents who would be willing to come help us as we evaluate learners on their oral communication skills. Let us know if you would be willing or available!

Global Humanities: The Perfect Government

Entry Document

Driving Question: Based on past and current governmental models, what might the ideal form of government be?

CRA Assessment will require learners make a judgement and answer the driving question.

Announcements: AP Global Humanities Project

In AP Global Humanities Project, learners are crafting their first CCOT (Continuity and Change Over Time Essay) in preparation for the AP World History Exam. Learners will be creating their essay mostly in class, and will complete it step by step. Later, they will be asked to complete a timed essay of the same format.

We use the Twitter hashtag #GHPAP to tweet some of the things that we work on in class. This week, learners have tweeted their translations of Confucian Analects and their big take-aways from our Thesis Writing Workshop. Feel free to search the hashtag on Twitter to see what they are saying!

Remember, your learner should be completing reading and notes every night, and if they aren't using their time wisely in class, they may have extra homework outside of the reading.

AP: The Rise of Empires

Entry Document

Driving Question:What are the characteristics that allowed for the evolution of ancient civilizations to empires?

CRA Assessment:

Analyze the continuities and changes in India or China that caused the evolution from semi-primitive ancient civilizations to sophisticated empires between 3500 B.C.E to 500 B.C.E.

*In the entry document, there is a link to the AP CCOT Scoring Rubric. *

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