Venice Carnival

By Jocelyn Chu

The Venice Carnival

This is the biggest fancy dress celebration in the whole world. It dates all the way back to 1268.

However much the modern Carnival may be contrived for tourists, it's undeniably atmospheric to walk down a lane in Venice and pass cloaked and masked figures.

Carnival Grand Masquerade Ball

It will take place in a prestigious charming Venetian palace situated on the beautiful Grand Canal, with romantic views of the Canal and it's illuminated palaces, unique views of the most beautiful 'highway' in the world.


If you've always had a secret hankering to wear fancy dress, then the Carnival is a perfect opportunity to indulge without attracting stares. Masks, cloaks and wigs are easily purchased at countless tourist shops and souvenir stalls


The Venice Carnival is located in Venice Italy.


During those years one of the first laws made by the Serenissima was that masks cannot be used around the city at night.
Later, Venice Carnival attracted foreigners - including princes - from all over Europe, who came to enjoy the wild festivities while spending fortunes.


In the squares street-artists and singers entertain with songs and music from their guitars, the guests of the Venice Carnival. You could also go around to different shops shopping while in your costumes and masks.