Pride Post

October 17th-21st

From Kim and Sarah

First Quarter is officially over. We have officially completed forty-two days of school. As we head in to conference week, please remember that it is an expectation that every classroom teacher meets with 100% of there parents face-to-face. Please make sure that you have all parents who attend conferences sign in. This will then need to be turned in after all conference are complete. All teachers must stay 7.25 hours after contract hours to have off November 7th. Please let Mrs. Sublett and Mrs. Cooper know if there are any conferences that you would like us to sit in on. We will stay late on the 25th. Please also make sure that you are following the grade card timeline. All grades and competencies must be entered by 4:00 on the 17th.

What is going on this week?

October 17th- No Students- Work Day (SWOT team work from 9:00-10:00)

October 19th- Mrs. Dorsey Out at Meetings

October 20th- 5th grade Drug Prevention 9:00-10:00

October 20th- IGNITE APPY HOUR @ Glendale 4:00

October 21th- Wertz Out at Meetings

October 21th- Mrs. Sublett and Team out at Behavior Meeting

Up Coming Events:

October 25th- Parent Teacher Conference Late Night

PRIDE Ambassador Conversations

BLUE bracelets. There have been many students who are nominees that do not have bracelets. If you do not use bracelets in your class to recognize the nominees, please start doing so. This is a school-wide incentive with key points and communication where everyone knows to look for the bracelets as behaviors arise or to praise those students who are working towards "Ambassador status". I know there have been issues with the bracelets, as I mentioned in my emails before, if issues arise that is not PRIDE Ambassador behaviors and therefore the student may need to start over with their nomination.

Also, please know that taking a bracelet is not fun for anyone involved. Just re-emphasize to the student it is not over they just have to start over. If you need support after taking the bracelet, please feel free to contact Coach Brabo to help out.

And lastly, as students gain their "Ambassador status" please utilize them as helpers as often as possible.

Thank you for all of your help!

-Coach Brabo

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Faculty Meeting Weeks

1st week of the month- SWOT

2nd week of the month- Faculty Meeting

3rd week of the month- Mentor Sharing

4th week of the month- Leadership Team Meeting


For the S’More please add ESAIL days will be October 25th and 27th. Please remind teachers to have examples of student logs, GR plans, student data (formative & summative) easily accessible to our visitors.

Thank you so much for helping us have a great 1st warehouse day!

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