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Miss. and Mr. KSU read to classes at ELV

Miss and Mr. KSU came to read to several classes before Thanksgiving. We love having guest readers!

Get a book and read aloud

Reading aloud is more than saying words

  • Talk about what you are reading—before, during, and after a read-aloud session. According to the IRA/NAEYC position statement (1998), “It is the talk that surrounds the storybook reading that gives it power, helping children to bridge what is in the story and their own lives.”
  • Use the text to discuss real-life experiences and issues. Stories and books can be springboards to meaningful discussions about many different topics.
  • Make the book come alive. Vary your expressions and tone of voice to fit the plot. Use a different voice for each character. Pause when appropriate to create suspense.
  • Read for as long as children can pay attention.
  • Gradually read for longer periods of time as their attention spans grow.
  • Involve the listener in deciding what, when, and how long to read. Invite active participation during and after the reading.
  • Follow up after reading a book. Offer materials for art projects and dramatics. Look for more books by the author or on the same topic. Plan an activity that builds on what you have read.

Some of our favorite resources at ELV

Cyber Safety...Talk to your kids

Cyber Safety

Getting a new computer, iPad or tablet for Christmas this year? Be sure to have a talk about cyber safety with your kids. There are lots of fun things about the Internet. There are games to play and pictures to look at, stories to read, and videos to see. But the Internet is huge, and most of it is made for adults. Some websites are dangerous to your computer, and you might meet someone online who is mean and would try to hurt you if they can figure out who you are.

Tips to share with your kids:

  • When you visit the Internet, you should always have a trusted adult helper. Your adult helper can find good sites that are fun for you, and not dangerous.
  • Get your helper to show you how to use the back buttons on the browser.
  • Ask your helper how to save some good websites in your browser's favorites or bookmarks.
  • Choose a cool nickname to use online, and don't ever type in your real name or address. Superman didn't tell anyone he was Clark Kent and you shouldn't tell anyone your identity either.
  • Tell your helper whenever websites or messages make you uncomfortable.