Its here right now. The all new pure, focused car that has been reborn. The car that has all the heads turning at every angle. With smarter thinking, more intelligent engineering refined styling, and has enviable style, advanced safety, impressive fuel economy and sophisticated technology, outstanding comfort and sporty performance. What sort of car is it? Yes. You've guess it. Its the all new sexiest, laid back car that makes the men look like bachelors and the women look like the Queen of England. Yes, obviously, its the Entourage.


The Entourage includes a Rear View Mirror, Satellite Navigation System with Multimedia Function (just in case you get lost), Front and Reverse Parking Sensors (so you don't hit anyone, obviously), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (so you can take a short cut if needed), Blind Spot Detection (so it can see what you cant), 6 Airbag Safety because we care about your safety, ABS Brake, Sunroof so you can enjoy the breeze from another angle, Distance break, Pro Accident Brake, Tow Bar and Bull Bar for better protection in the front and the back. Padded Dashboard, Crumple Zone, Shovel-nose Bonnet design, Minimum Legal Tread, Effective Brakes, Head Rest, Rear and Front Seat Belts and Shattered Glass window screen.
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The forces that act on vehicles are important to consider when designing a car. When a car is stationary, the forces acting on the vehicle are the 2 main forces, the THRUST AND DRAG. If the forces of thrust and drag are equal, then the forces are balanced and the car will move with a constant velocity. If the forces of thrust and drag are not equal, then the forces are unbalance and the car will accelerate. The car will get faster if thrust is bigger than drag, and slower if the drag is bigger than the thrust, which meaning that the car is balanced.
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When the car is accelerating, the car automatically pushes forward and rides into action. When the car is accelerating, the wheels undergo angular or rotational acceleration: they turn faster and faster. This therefore, accomplished by angular force called torque exerted by the engine on the axle. At the bottom of the tire, this torque takes the form of a force acting backward. This would be unbalanced.

When the car is travelling at a constant speed, the forces acting on the car are thrust and drag. its is balance because If the forces of thrust and drag are equal, then the forces are balanced and the car will move with a constant velocity.
Newton's laws of motion are very useful in car design. These 3 laws are the Law of Inertia, F = ma, and For every action there is an equal and opposite direction. These laws are very important in car design because they initiate motion of Weight, Height, Thrust and Drag. For e.g. when a car stops suddenly the force becomes unbalanced because the road and the weight of the wheel and the road are pushing the towards each other for the car to move. That is Gravitational force.
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Why is Newton's Law important?

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Dangers on the ROAD

The importance of Newton's laws can be seen in the safety features of the car. For e.g., one safety feature Is the brakes. Although we all know this, sometimes we can let things slip. To help protect the safety of your loved ones, follow this Seven Point Brake Checklist. When the brakes are not positioned or not registered properly this may happen; loss of grip when braking, the feeling of your car pulling left or right when braking, a sloppy slow or low brake pedal, shuddering through your steering wheel when braking, squeals, screeches and high pitched noises when braking, your brake system warning light flashes and your car takes longer to stop than normal. All these signs are there for you to understand the differences there not there for you to ignore them. these can lead to fatal accidents like; car crashes, your car getting out of control, not being able to drive in the wet weather etc.


Knowing cars are beautiful in a sense of way. the Entourage comes in a wide variety of colours such as; shades of orange/grey/red/blue/black/maroon/white/silver etc. Let your car be the last. Entourage, Its yours for the Keeping.