All About Ramiro Carrizales

All About Me

Ten Things About Me

1. I like Tacos.

2. I like action movies.

3. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

4. I like to play Video Games.

5. My favorite season is winter.

6. I like Soccer.

7. I like to go to the beach.

8. Favorite place to go is Mexico.

9. I'm the oldest of 4.

10. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.

My Most Embarrassing Moment

When I was a 6 years old I really had to go pee. When I was in the bus, about to get home I peed my self Infront of my friends. They started laughing at me so I decided to get home as fast as I could and change before my mom noticed. The next day my friends started calling me Pee boy.

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Strange Questions I've Been Asked

Strange Questions I've Been Asked

1.) One strange question I've been asked is how old I am.

2.) It was that people ask if I'm Mexican or Hispanic.

3.) What size of shoe I am.