The Renaissance

Kukeng'A Kamau 3rd Period

What was the change?

Before, during the dark ages, the only things that were important were The Church and survival. Due to this main focus, education was left to die with the past, for the exception of the Catholic Church officials who lead people on their sacraments. The gradual change into the renaissance is individualism and the revival of knowledge and learning. People are thinking for themselves and and questioning what always lead their lives, most specifically the Church. They see flaws that make the Church so corrupted. People are beginning to build life on their own terms through writing and art. They actually take on an education that they wish to pursue. There's social mobility now as well, the gap between the wealthy and poor isn't so noticeable.

Who was involved in the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

This change caused people to be more aware of their surroundings. With the help of the earlier mentioned printing press, information spread cheaply and quickly, making it easier for the self-awareness to occur. People had the state of mind to question the political and religious standards set against them. They were able to freely express themselves through multiple outlets and think what they believed was right.

How does that change impact modern society?

The change in the Renaissance is evident today in the way most people live their lives. People have the mental strength to think for themselves and believe what they wish, giving us personality and independent thought. As shown in America's government, freedom and individual thought is encouraged with some restrictions. There are many people and cultures and ways of life compared to the Dark Ages where everyone agreed to one way of life and devoted themselves to the church. Nowadays, there are mosques, temple, and churches. There are multiple pathways to go about life and one doesn't have to devote themselves unless that is their decision.