Real Madrid Celebration

Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

Real Madrid Barcelona Highlights HD 25 10 2014

Brief History

In the present period, Real Madrid are once again setting the benchmark for world football. On 24 May 2014, the club claimed their tenth European Cup and on 20 December of the same year lifted the Club World Cup. A European Super Cup and a Copa del Rey were also won with Carlo Ancelotti at the helm. Before the Italian's arrival, the Whites lifted three trophies under the stewardship of José Mourinho. The Portuguese coach left at the end of the 2012-13 campaign. In June 2015, Rafa Benítez took charge of a new and exciting project.

Details on Celebration

The Real Madrid Celebration will take place at the Charlotte Mac Center. Where food and activities will be held with the fans of Real Madrid. Anyone will be free to express your experiences with the team. There will be a guess speaker that will talk who is associated with the team and around the players and coaches.

Robby McCarthy

I am a former Real Madrid fan and am doing this to unite fellow fans around town. I play soccer myself at Lake Norman High School and look forward to meeting you all