All About Me!

Conner Smith

My Aptitudes (Skills)

Most of my skills consist of video games, shooting things, and fighting. The video games I'm best at would be Call Of Duty, Fallout 3 and Tomb Raider. For shooting things i'm best with a CZ type of pistol and about every rifle. The fighting part would be that i'm a 3rd striped kyu in judo.

My Abilities

Most of my abilities would be reaching high things, jumping, and judo. Those are the things i'm best at.

Home life, and where i was born

My home life is pretty decent as that my father is a great chef, and my mother makes a good amount of money so i'm happy. But also I was born where every house looks the same, Mountain Home.


There isn't a lot to offend me, but the most thing would be, if someone talks bad about my family. While also I can be weak in certain areas of math, video games, everything really. The most thing i'm bad at in math would be graphs, slopes, and calculus. In video games i'm pretty bad at sports games ( Unless it's UFC)

My goals in life

I want to be a therapist/psychiatrist. While also I want to go to Hendrix Collage. But if that doesn't work out I would like to try out acting. I want to have a wife/girl friend sometime in the future. While also I would like to have kids.