Legalization Of Marijuana

Which Side Are You On?

What is It?

Marijuana is a drug that comes from the cannabis plant, and has various medical uses. It can be smoked or injected through many ways. It contains many dangerous chemicals, and has a high amount of THC. THC is a chemical that produces a high toxin in the brain causing hallucinations and gives off a "high." This chemical stays in your body for over 4 weeks. Marijuana is the most common illicit drug in the United States.

What I'm Fighting For

Marijuana gives off momentarily relief and relaxation, it should be against the law, but only under certain circumstances. Medical Marijuana is not a FDA approved medicine, but there are some approved versions of this drug that helps many with asthma, cancer, and many other diseases. Though it is a gateway drug, whether the person chooses that path is up to them, which is why marijuana should be illegal to anyone under age. The body stops developing by the age of 21, and this is why 21 is the legal age to purchase achohol, by then the smoker will know the effects and can make their own decisions. Medical marijuana approved by the FDA, should be the only legalized marijuana.

Different Perspectives

Synthetic Weed

Different Types Of Weed

Synthetic weed has many different variations, hash oil and many others lead to over 62,345 deaths per year. Weed may not have as dangerous effects but synthetic weed is very lethal. Contrary to the belief, weed can cause cancer, throat and mouth. However the odds aren't as high, but one does of hash oil is very lethal. Synthetic weed is weed altered and grown in a different fashion and with different chemicals, and is very deadly.
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You Can Help

I am against the legalization of marijuana, there are simply too many dangers and risk that are taken when weed is smoked. Long term effects have very deadly symptoms and small does can also damage developing bodies. It should be illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase, grow, or consume marijuana. If someone you know is addicted to drugs, particularly marijuana reach out. Seek help from many evens and corporations that are trying to put a stop to this. Aim For Sucess, CALM and many others can all help, and so can you.