Flora And Fauna Protection Plan

What Is An Endangered Specie?

An Endangered Specie is an animal, plant, tree or insect that has very limited numbers left. This is normally caused by human destruction to their habitats. When this occurs major plans by the F.F.P.P are put into place.

The Three Toed Sloth

The three-toed sloth if found in the Amazon Rainforest. They needs lots of trees to hang upside down from, as they spend more time hanging upside down then bats do. They are also very agile swimmers, which means that there would need to be water around that they could swim in and they also need quite a lot of space on the floor because they have to drag them selves around because they cannot walk on all four limbs. The three-toed sloth is sadly classified as endangered because of their habitats being ruined because of us humans cutting down trees for coal, land and wood harvesting. Now the government are now trying to reduce the amount of tree being cut down which will give more habitats to this creature.

The Kapok Tree

The kapok tree is found in the Amazon Rainforest but is native to South America and is classified as one of the emergent. It can grow to a height of 170 feet, which means it towers over the over trees and a diameter of 7 feet. The kapok tree needs water and sunlight to grow. As the tree grows it becomes more exposed to sunlight and it receives more sunlight then nearly every other trees because it is so tall. The kapok tree is endangered because we are chopping down all of them so we can get benefits from the rainforests like having room to mine and grow crops. Unfortunately nothing is being done to help save the kapok tree.

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The Rafflesia

The rafflesia is the world’s largest flower and is located in the Borneo Rainforest. It is the only single flower to reach up to 90 centimetres long. The rafflesia is a parasite, which means it is an organism that derives its food from, and lives in or on, another living organism. Because of this it doesn’t need much sunlight or water. These flowers are endangered because of the number of factors of their life cycle. For example they can only grow if they are on a particular organism. To help protect them they becoming a protected species and people are starting to take an interest and starting to study them.

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