Information about India

Where is ancient India located?

Ancient India is located by the Ganges River and the Deccan Plateau

Why did they settle here?

The Indians settled here because their land had a lot of crops and a big supply of food and the river were very useful in the rainy season.

what geographical features are present?

The geographical features that was present was the rivers, oceans, seas and the plateaus. those rivers are called the Ganges River and the Indus River. Those oceans are called Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. the seas are called Arabian sea and the Caspian Sea. The plateau is called the Deccan plateau.

How did humans impact the land?

Humans impact the land by building temples and houses out of mud bricks and they also started to build bathrooms etc. ...

how did the humans impact the land?

The natural resources that are present are cotton fabrics,diamonds,pearls,silk,woolen fabrics,horses,and Elephants.
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