Kindergarten Chronicle

October 2015

Kindergarten in full swing

We have officially finished the first six weeks of school and we are loving every minute of it! The first month we have focused on getting to know each other, building trust, and establishing a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable to explore, learn and have fun! October is a busy month and we are sure it will fly by. Look below for important dates to remember and also know that you can always find important information on our Haiku calendar.

September 29, 30, Oct 1st- Rachel on 4th grade camping trip (Ta'ler, lead discovery teacher, will be filling in)

Oct 3rd & 4th- Atlanta Maker Faire

Oct 8th & 9th- Parent Teacher Conferences (Sign up on Veracross)

Oct 12th & 13th- Fall Break, school closed

Oct 15th- Fernbank Museum field trip (Email us if you'd like to chaperone)

Oct 19th & 20th- Rachel out for Vision Team meetings

Oct 24th- Halloween Carnival

Oct 30th- UNICEF Halloween Parade

The natural progression on academics

Since much of the first weeks of school are based on learning and establishing routines that will last through the entire year, we are very careful and slow to introduce various academics. We start the year with short periods of independent reading, writing, and math activities. Throughout the weeks we build up their stamina to allow for the teachers to go around and check in with each of the children and record their progress.