Allissa Lecki's Tech Projects 2015

All about my year in tech

I've always been a very advanced person when it comes to technology. I had a few projects in my portfolio at the beginning of year. Since then, I've added many more. From a children's story, to a cartoon, even photoshopped pictures. My knowledge of technology has grown, and here are just a few examples of work I am proud of.

Before editing

After editing

Edited Photos

These are my favorite piece I did just because you really can see the work that went into all of them. They took patience and hard work and it no doubt shows. I made pictures that very flawed, even to the smallest degree, look better without going into the realm of outrageous. This is, personally, my best and favorite work I had done this year.

A word cloud that defines me

Big image

Tagul Cloud

Even though this assignment was fairly easy and not at all time consuming it is another of my best just due to the fact that it describes me in the best ways possible. The words I picked are the most positive aspects of my life and what defines me as a human being. I think both of those wrapped together are important.

Listen to me read my children's story here!

Voicethread - The Only Friend I Need

Anything to do with my children's story is some of my most proud work.I had such fun recording myself reading the story that I wrote. Now I can teach the lesson of my story to kids that can't read yet too. Just being able to pass a good moral on to others makes this some wonderful work.
Click here to read The Only Friend I Need!

This is my actual children's story and I'm so proud of how it came out. The moral is important and wonderful and I love how my text matches the artist's pictures. Overall it's a very professional and beautiful project.

Watch my cartoon here!

Lastly, is my cartoon,and it's based of Beauty and The Beast. Even though it isn't as professionally put together as the rest of these projects you can still tell the effort that went into it. I'm proud of it and I want others to enjoy it.