Major League Second Grade News

Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, April 29, 2016

This time of year gets a little hectic with things going on at school! Please be sure to check the green folder each night for notes about up and coming things! Thank you! Please contact me if you have any questions about anything!

Please turn in Field Trip form if you haven't already! We need to have time to order our sack lunches from the kitchen! Thank you!

We celebrated our awesome office staff, Carey and Lyndsey and our awesome principal, Ms. Martin this week! North School is an amazing place because of them!

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can add letters to or take letters away to make new words.

Reading/Language:*I can identify where a comma should be used. *I can use a comma in the date, in the opening and closing of a letter, between a city and state, and in a series or list of things.

Writing: *I can compose a letter to another second grader in another state telling them about myself and North School. *I can address an envelope to another city and state.

Science/Social Studies: *I can describe the characteristics of a mammal, fish, bird, reptile and amphibian.

Math: *I can compare two lengths. *I can use non-standard units of measurement. *I can use repeating units to measure length. *I can estimate and calculate length by a 2:1 ratio. *I can identify strategies for accurate measurement. *I can consider sources of measurement error. *I can establish the need for a common unit in order to compare measurements.

May Character Trait-Forgiveness

Forgiveness means that you accept others even though they have treated you wrongly or made a mistake.

Items for next week

  • Next week will be our last week of spelling, however we will continue to review words until the end of the year.
  • I will start my end of the year reading testing next week.
  • We have school store on Thursday.

Upcoming Events in April and May

May 1- Principal's Day!! (Ms Martin is the BEST Principal ever!!)

May 2-6- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5- School Store

May 10- Orchestra Assembly

May 11- Sing Off

May 13- Second grade field trip to LU Farms

May 16- Brag Tag Assembly-9:00

May 18- Sports Day 12:30-2:30

May 19- LAST DAY OF SECOND GRADE! Dismiss at 12:00