Learning with Tech @ BLGPS

May 2012 Issue


Thank you for taking time to read our first ever edition of Learning with Tech @ BLGPS. This termly issue will consist of lesson ideas, lesson reflections, articles on edtech, cool Web 2.0 tools and iPad apps that will sow the seeds to spark off your imagination on how things can be done differently in your class to bring about greater engagement and learning in our pupils!

In this edition of Learning with Tech @ BLGPS we will look at:

  1. Flipped classroom model
  2. Voicethread
  3. DROPitTOme
  4. ShowMe

I hope you find this eNewsletter useful and do try out some of these tools and ideas in your class. Remember there is no fear in failure, only failure in overcoming your fear.

ICT Department

Re-thinking Education

Flipped Classroom Model

What's the Flipped Classroom?

The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving "homework" into the classroom. A flipped classroom moves the teacher from just giving lectures in class to providing guide on the side.

What it looks like

  • Teachers created videos.
  • Students watched the 5 to 7 minute videos at home, or in school if they didn't have internet access at home.
  • Class time was spent doing labs or interactive activities to illustrate concepts.

What is the advantage of a flipped classroom?

  • Class time can be used more effectively for pupils to tackling difficult problems, working in groups, researching, collaborating, crafting and creating.
  • Students receive instant feedback as teachers have more time to help students and explain difficult concepts.
  • Students don't get frustrated when they do a piece of work because help is always there.
  • Teachers can revisit concepts that students do not understand in class.
  • Students with little or no home support can now get the support from their teachers.

Ok great! Let's start flipping!

Woah, hang on a moment. Before you jump right in, there are some things that we must consider first (as shared by Richard Byrne)

  1. Do the majority of your students complete their homework assignments on time on a consistent basis? If not, there may be a larger issue of student engagement and motivation to investigate. Furthermore, if you flip the classroom and students come to class having not watched the video lessons, how do you spend your classroom time the next day? Do you let students watch the videos in class? Do you reteach the lesson that they should have watched for homework?

  2. Do all of your students have access to the web at home? If not, how are you going to address that? Will you distribute copies of your video files to students before they leave your classroom? Do you all of your students have computers or tablets to use at home? If the answer is "no" to one or all of these questions, are you setting up an inequitable learning environment?

  3. Do you have time to create quality videos? If not, will you create some and then source the rest of from the web?

Application @ BLGPS

A group of ICT Mentors (namely, Ada, Perry and Mei Lian) together with Enoch will be forming a PLC to study this model and try it out with our classes to see how effective (or not effective) this model is. Although it sounds like a really great idea, there are many factors which needs careful consideration. Do join us if you are interested in trying out the flipped classroom model.

Interested to find out more about Flipped Classroom?

Check out some of these resources...





Cool Web 2.0 Tools


What is Voicethread?

It is a multimedia slideshow that allows users anywhere in the world to collaborate. Comments can be left around each part of the slideshow either by voice, text or video. You can also annotate comments as well. Everything can be embed on a webpage or in a blog for even easier sharing.

Applications @ BLGPS

This tool can be used in many ways in almost all subjects. Just a couple of ideas:

  • Using a single image or a series of images to introduce a topic to students. Have them comment about what they know or what they are thinking before beginning a unit.
  • Instead of having students create a Power Point, create a Voicethread that they get to narrate and share with the class. Other students can leave comments on the different parts of the presentation.
  • Creating a "Get-To-Know-You" slideshow for the beginning of the school year.
  • Literary review

The best way to learn about Voicethread is to create one yourself.

Go ahead! Try it with your class.

Have fun!



DROPitTOme is a fast and efficient way of collecting files and documents from your pupils.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Application @ BLGPS

Teachers can use this to collect digital work from your pupils instead of using Projects folder. This is especially useful if your pupils are creating digital work as part of their homework and have no access to Projects folder at home.

iPad Apps

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard


ShowMe app turns your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard!

ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. It’s a radically intuitive app that anyone will find extremely easy to use, regardless of age or background.

Watch the video below to learn more about the app.

The ShowMe Story - HD

Applications @ BLGPS

Maths teachers will find this app particularly useful. They can use this app to work out solutions for word problems and use it to explain the word problems in class. They can then later upload the video file onto their class website or LMS so that pupils can watch it again if they did not understand the first time around.