VCR 10 Presentation

Haley Reid

In the television show Sherlock, Sherlock's brother often conducts a ( word ) with John in private to talk about Sherlock and his strange habits.
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noun - A private, exclusive, or secret meeting

Roots: clavis (latin): key

Alternate Forms: conclavists (noun)


  • meeting
  • gathering
  • conference
  • council


  • disbanding
  • seperation
  • rally

Choose the sentence where the bolded word is used correcty:

A. The three men conclaved very early in the morning so that their meetings would remain a secret.

B. The group did not allow the boy to join their conclavist meeting, as they wanted it to remain exclusive.

C. Jack and Locke were accused of holding conclaves and secretly making decisions without the rest of the group.

D. Sun and Jin caused a huge commotion when they announced a conclave to the group that Sun was pregnant.