Persuasive Smore

Should students as young as 14 be allowed to hold jobs?


I think 14 year olds should have jobs because it will make them get ready for the adult life. Its's true that they get more stress then they already have especially with school work, homework, and more But At least they take more responsibility, help with their personal stuff and preparing them for the future.

Reason one

14 is a good start off to think about colleges, therefore if you have a job you can make money to save up. Usually their in 8th or 9th but the more years of working the better you save up for college, And follow their dreams

Reason two

By allowing students to get a job at a early age they can help them improve their confidence and also help them be individual by the interviews

Reason three

Students can finally learn how to manage money, for the real world when they get a house or bills. even though they have a lot of years to come before all that starts. But its good to learn early

Reason four

Also if they be allowed they can no longer waste any money from their parents (can i have money to buy tickets to go to the movie) they can now use their own money and not spend their parents money so they don't run out sometimes

Reason five

Last but not least parents can finally no longer argue about their child not leaving their phone or the room or even the house , by jobs they can go out and communicate with others and make more friends and money so its a win, win

A Debate if it should be allowed ^