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Safety Tip

The recent rainy weather means increased hazardous weather conditions. Make sure your protecting yourself! Replace windshield wiper inserts that leave streaks or don't clear the glass in a single swipe, make sure all headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals are properly functioning so other drivers will see you during heavy rain and turn on headlights whenever you drive.

Make sure you tires have proper tread depth and inflation in order to maintain traction on wet roadways. Check tread depth with a quarter inserted with Washington's head upside down into the tire groove. If you can see above Washington's head, start shopping for new tires. Check each tire's pressure at least once a month. Remember to check proper tire pressure, check the tires when they're cold.

To prevent loss of traction, reduce the car's speed, avoid hard braking or turning sharply and drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you.

If the car does begin to skid, continue to look and steer in the direction you want the car to go. Avoid slamming the brakes or turning sharply, as this will further upset the vehicle's balance and make it harder to control. For more tips, click here!

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Fitness Focus

Morning stretches can be useful when it comes to eliminating aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Aches and pains can develop at any time throughout the day but they often occur because there is an increase of fluid in the joints and spinal discos overnight while the body lies horizontally.

Gentle stretches increase blood flow to your muscles, flexibility to decrease risk of injury, and increase the range motion in your joints.

Here are some stretches you can do before you get out of bed in the morning that will ease you into the day. Additionally, if standing stretches are more your thing, here is a link to some simple stretches you can do in the shower!

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Money Matters

If you're like me, you're always trying to find ways to optimize the value of the money you have. One way to make your dollar stretch is to negotiate your cellphone bill, which could end-up saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Companies know that it is cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, a concept called customer acquisition cost, so use this to your benefit! When you call, here are some tips on how to negotiate the cost.

Don't get emotional as this will only add negative notes to your account. Remain brief when explaining why you want a discount. Steer clear of yes/no answers - ask what the company can do for you and put the ball in their court. Timing is everything and you have the best chance of negotiating with your current carrier near the end of your contract. If you're a long-time customer, use that to your advantage. Last, take notes during your conversation.

To get some more tips on how to negotiate, see the script provided here.

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Zentangle an artistic meditation that anyone can do, any time, any where. Zentangle is an abstract, patterned drawing using the standard format of using a 3.5-inch square title. The artist creates a structured pattern according to his or her whim following a basic set of guidelines. Moreover, it improves hand-eye coordination, develops and rehabilitates fine motor skills, and increases attention span and ability to concentrate. All you perfectionists out there take note: the act of creating a Zentangle is more important than the final outcome. The objective is to quiet the distractions in your head and focus on creating intentional, structured marks to form a pattern.

When creating a Zentangle, keep some things in mind.

  1. The creation is unplanned. You're encouraged not to have an end goal in mind. Allow the pattern to reveal itself as you draw it.
  2. Each mark should be made deliberately. Instead of erasing a stray mark the artist should use them as the foundation for an unexpected pattern. Don't erase mistakes.
  3. Give the drawing your full, undivided attention. The pattern you create should use very simple shapes such as a line, a dot, a circle, a squiggle and/or an oval.

Get you started, see here!

"Acceptance doesn't mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there's got to be a way through it." - Michael J. Fox

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