Whiteside News

July 27, 2020


  • Front doors will continue to open at 7:20 for those who need an early drop off.
  • Students will report to the hallway near their homeroom class where they will sit socially distanced until the 7:35 bell rings.
  • Teachers and morning hallway monitors will be available to assist students to the appropriate place each morning.
  • At 7:35 all doors will open and students will report directly to their homeroom class. The tardy bell will ring at 7:45.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the building at arrival, but will be met at each entrance by a Whiteside staff member.
  • Parents will screen students at home each morning for COVID-19 symptoms.


  • Breakfast will be delivered to classrooms each morning.
  • All students will have access to free breakfast.
  • Students will utilize hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations with soap and water in every classroom.

  • Students desks will be sanitized after breakfast.


  • Students will be seated as far apart as possible depending on room configuration, size, and type of seating - either desks or tables.
  • Students will stay in their homeroom and teachers will rotate, including art and music.
  • Students will take scheduled classroom restroom breaks.
  • Water fountains will be closed, students will need a water bottle.
  • Students will be assigned a Chromebook and charger (PK/K- Ipad). They will take it home each evening and bring it back each day.

  • Shared lockers will not be used, student backpacks will be allowed.


  • Masks will be required for students in 4th and 5th grades, and will be recommended for all other students.
  • Lubbock ISD will provide each student with one reusable mask, and students are welcome to wear their own mask from home.
  • Disposable masks will also be available as needed.
  • All staff members will be required to wear masks throughout the day.
  • Teachers in PK - 2nd grade and music will have access to clear masks for instruction.


  • Students will attend lunch in the cafeteria, one grade level at a time.
  • Students will be seated 6 ft apart, 2 students/table, and tables will be spaced 6ft apart.
  • Parents will not be allowed to eat lunch with students at this time.
  • Students will have assigned seats, and floor spots will be used to encourage social distancing while going through the serving line and entering and exiting the cafeteria.

PE and Recess

  • Students will continue to attend PE each day.
  • Whenever possible, physical education classes will be held outside to allow for maximum physical distance between students.

  • To the greatest extent possible, coaches will limit the use of physical education equipment and eliminate the use of equipment that would be passed between or shared by multiple students throughout a class period.

  • At this time Walking Wednesday will be closed to outside guests.

  • Students will attend recess each day, we will utilize different locations for recess each day to limit the number of students in one area for at a time. Students will stay with their homeroom class.

  • Playground equipment will be sanitized between uses.


  • We will stagger our dismissal for students to limit the number of students exiting the building at one time.
    • 3:15- SLC/PK

    • 3:20- Kinder

    • 3:22- 1st/2nd-

    • 3:25- 3rd, 4th, 5th-

  • Grade levels will dismiss out specific exits to assigned areas and students will wait for pickup 6 feet apart.