Today's Topic: TWITTER

Let's do this thing

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Here's the thing: We're NOT talking about Twitter

So, what ARE we talking about?

  • One of many resources used for sharing and learning
  • A tool for your own professional development
  • Further down the line, a tool to use with your classes and students
  • It might not be for everyone

Let's Dive in

Lots of tweets in the last few weeks

How have you used Twitter?

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Briefly Back to Basics


tweets - 140 character messages

twitter handle - your twitter username

reply - tweeting back a person with a comment or question

direct message - a message sent to just one person on twitter (private)

retweet (RT) - tweeting a message again and maybe adding a comment, thought, or additional question. If a follower retweets your message then all of their followers will see the message that you wrote.

modified tweet (MT) - retweeting a message but changing something in the tweet

timeline/news feed - a long stream that shows all the tweets of the people that you follow

followers - someone who will receive all of the tweets that you send out

following - people that will show up on your timeline and you make the choice of who to follow

hashtags - a word or phrase with # at the front. You can sort messages by different hashtags.

PLN - Personal Learning Network

Let's Talk about Hashtags

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake


  • A way to navigate through Twitter - it unifies tweets
  • Think of it like a TV channnel
  • Use it to search on a topic
  • Use it when you post to have it included on that "channel"

Enough Talk :: Time to Play

We'll go until 4:45pm, and then finish up.

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