2012 Team Recap

Haute Dots, Signature Haute Dots & Stelletto Squad

Hello Lovely Ladies!

Congratulations to all of you on a great year! It's our yearly tradition to do a recap of the previous year in January. You have so much to celebrate about your business and so much to be proud of. There were lots of new stylists who joined our team/s, promotions, great local meetings, prizes won, conferences and many many trunk shows!!!

Just think of all the necks, wrists, ears, and fingers we covered and all the finishing touches we put on an otherwise dull outfit. We are the best wardrobe doctors!! Because, you know....."Fashion is nothing without the accessories!"

Here's to new dreams, goals and opportunity in 2013. This is our first newsletter this year. Enjoy and my best to you always!!

Happily Accessorized,

Jackie Rowland

Founding Leader since 2008

Looking Back at 2012 | Stella & Dot

We had 88 wonderful women join our team/s in 2012!!

Jennifer Brown, Leslie Forte, Catherine Flaminio, Stephanie Hollander, Callista Kosturos, Amelie Krahn, Heather Lickenbrock, Jessica Roemer, Judy Thompson, Dorothy Wahl, Dyan Bulyar, Courtney Tucker, Barbara Warmenhoven, Helene Defilippo, Sara Winkleman, Amy Doherty, Lindsey Forte, Vanessa Stipp, Vannessa Vasquez, Erin Dumas, Sophie Krahn, Amber Waisanen, Michelle Giles, Marie Franco, Candice Mattson, Gina Joseph, Lindsay Callinsky, Judith Dolling, Lynda Johnson, Lisa Fromm, Yvonne Gill, Sandy Griffith, Katharine Johnson, Julie Kim, Cynthia LeBrun, Megan Love, Brittany Dean, Amanda Edwards, Sara McGuire, Cathy Malk, Brooke Roberts, Vanissa Delplance, Sarah Powers, Hillary Jepsen, Wendy Robinson, Caitlin Scott, Jackie Brocka, Brook Bergland, Claire Tronvig, Ann Lewis, Wilmara Manuel, Darlene Rivera, Joelly Belman, Brenda Diaz, Nicole Barton, Katie Gray, Ingrid Theresa Brewton, Felicia Brown, Lisa Clark, Lauren Kirkpatrick, Angela Baumgarten, Patti Demory, Karen Salerno, Stephanie Hill Jones, Jennifer Judge, Rebecca Leggieri, Tammy Broome, Ivane Chou, Carisa Dorosh, Darah Cooney, Sheila Markowitz, Atonya Ortiz-Brown, Tracy Baschke, Marissa Smith, Jessica Vicks, Lori Redman, Nicole Richards, Monique Shilling, Ashley Drake, Samantha Davis, Deanna Whattam, Nicole Kupchick, Blake Michaels, Ange Kendall, Meghan Matthews, Laura Radtke, Anne Limbrick and Leilani Villegas

Congratulations to Wendy Ayer, Star Stylist and Leader of the Stelletto Squad. #1 IN SALES FOR 2012!!!

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  1. WENDY AYER $50,839
  2. LAURIE PAZ $45,383
  3. JOELLY BELMAN $41,709
  4. ANNETTE WARNICK $34,415
  6. RENE KAUDER $29,702
  7. AMY BOSCO, $28,665
  9. BROOK HELBERGER $23,822
  10. APRIL PARIS $20,223


Congratulations to Wendy Ayer.....You are #1 in Sponsoring with 10 new qualified stylists!!!!!

2. Rene Kauder 9

3. Patricia Carlile 4

4. Annette Warnick, Laurie Paz and Kisha Brown-Richards 3

5. Mary Beth Kurtenbach and Amy Bosco 2

Congratulations also to all of you that shared the opportunity and so professionally represented Stella and Dot!!

Individual Team Stats:

Stelletto Squad: Wendy Ayer

Wendy Ayer $50,839

Jennifer Rainey $19,599

Tori Smith $15,073

Jennifer Knoblich $12,905

Heidi Glennon $12,364

Lisa Giles $11,516

Cristal Neil $9,467

Sharmalee Jacobs $8,654

Kathleen Sapien-Anderson $8,527

Michelle Giles $7,349

Haute Dots: Patricia Carlile

Laurie Paz $45,383

Annette Warnick $34,415

Patricia Carlile $30,652

Rene Kauder $29,702

April Paris $20,223

Lisa Paxson $17,203

Dawn Pryde $16,901

Andrea Weinberger $13,438

Felicia Rosenthal $13,071

Dara Cooney $12,307

Signature Haute Dots: Annette Warnick

Joelly Belman $41,709

Annette Warnick $34,415

Rene Kauder $29,702

Mary Beth Kurtenbach $23,855

Pamela Wimmer $19,649

Kisha Brown-Richards $17,831

Monica Hepburn $16,814

Michele Panczyszyn $13,046

Angela Baumgarten $9203

Meghan Matthews $8,257

Signature Haute Dots: Rene Kauder

Joelly Belman $41,709

Rene Kauder $29,702

Brook Helberger $23,822

Pamela Wimmer $19,649

Kisha Brown-Richards $17,831

Monica Hepburn $16,814

Michele Panczyszyn $13,046

Angela Baumgarten $9203

Ann Lewis $7680

Sheila Markowitz $7063.00

Angela Piccoli $5099

The best part of this job is getting together with your Stella Sisters...here's some meetings!!

and.....we celebrated promotions!!

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I hope you enjoyed this recap of 2012. Your next newsletter for January will be out the first week of February with stylist stories, new 2013 stylists, all the promotions of the new year and lots of great news for February. Stay tuned.....xo Jackie Rowland