Internet Safety


when you are on the internet there are many ways to be safe.


viruses are computer bugs that can make your computer slow or make them crash so you have to be careful what you download.


when on an internet account you have too be careful so that's always a good reason to make your accounts private and to give out little or no information to strangers.

affects on future

while on the internet you can do a lot of things that can affect your future and you probably wont think of it till your older.

deleting bad content

on the internet there are many things you can do some things your can do is delete bad content from you accounts.

bad people

it is good not to talk to people you don't know because you don't know if the are predators or not and if they are they can harm you and that is not a good thing.

downloading illegal content

on the internet its is bad to download illegal content it can cost you fines or even jail time so don't do it it is never good.

crimes on the internet

there are many crimes on the internet like copy write, and some other things.

surfing the net safely

when surfing the web don't click on pop-up adds or random content it can cause viruses

unknown people

do not open or click on messages on that are from people you don't know