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Elementary Personalization Committee Update

Would you like to join us?

The personalization committee has been meeting each month developing background knowledge, and we are ready to begin some sub-committee work. The three themes that our sub-committees are broken into are:

Theme 1 - Scheduling, Time, and Place

Theme 2 - Planning for Learning

Theme 3 - Learning Techniques and Strategies

We would love to expand our subcommittees and have you join us! Please contact a member of the sub-committee you are interested in joining, and they can update you on their plan moving forward. The committee members are:

Theme 1 - Heather Cole, Jenn Wilson, Erik Wittmer, Andrea Halter, Joe Mummert

Theme 2 - Erin Wagaman, Kelby Moul, Kelly Beegle, Andrea Wurzbacher, Peggy Bell, Deb Sowers

Theme 3 - Dave Ryer, Steph Homberg, Carol Noble, Joyce Nestor, Deb Marines,

Michelle Krill, Katie Brenneman

Looking for some good reads on personalization? These books are just a few ideas for you. Enjoy!

Looking for some websites or articles to start building background knowledge on personalization, here are a few to get you started!