Grant Family Focus

January 11, 2016

Upcoming Dates

Monday, January 11th Reading Incentive Badges Ironing

Monday, January 11th- 3:15-3:45 SLO/Teachscape meeting IMC (optional)

Monday January 11th-January 15th- Adult Crossing Guard Appreciation Week

Wednesday January 13th- Grant/ Jackson EdCamp 2:30 at Jackson

Wednesday January 20th- Staff Meeting 2:15-3:15 (Teachers only/ EA's are welcome)

Thursday, January 14th – PTO Meeting - Internet Safety with guest Officer Dana Fischer

(Sheboygan Police Department & Urban Middle School)**

Monday January 18th- No School (School will be open, but heat will be limited)

Friday January 22nd- Records Day- No School for students

**FYI the PTO Chili's Fundraiser has been postponed until later in the year.

Environmental Education Brochure

Before break Julie Brandt-Casper emailed to let everyone know that we have received a grant to support an Environmental Club here at Grant. In addition, Camp Y-Koda and Maywood recently released an Environmental Education brochure that features Grant students. Sarah Dezwarte, from Maywood/Camp Y-Koda, was in Room 9 on Friday sharing animal skins of Wisconsin with students.

This brochure contains a number of "outreach classroom programs" you might be interested in, at a low/reduced cost. Great authentic learning that can spark student interests!

If you would like more information check with Julie. I also have a copy of the brochure, but am not sure if it "ready for prime time".

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School-wide Reading Incentive

Monday our volunteers are coming in to iron on badges for students who met the monthly goal for the reading incentive. When they were here last month, Dr. Evers and Dr. Sheen both noticed how great it was to have so many adult volunteers in our school, recognizing students for their hard work in reading. I remember when I first saw the process in September, it was great to see the excitement in the eyes of both the students and the volunteers.

Thank you for you flexibility in sending kids out to get their shirts ironed, I know it causes a slight disruption to your day but it means a lot to the students and to the volunteers who enjoy the interaction with the kids! Thank you to Nancy Ebertz and Shelley Sorenson for helping organize the monthly incentives.

Our Mission Statement

Jim Collins - What is the Hedgehog Concept?

Click below to share your thoughts on what our "Why" is here at Grant School

Monday SLO/Teachscape (optional after school)

On Monday, January 11th (today depending when you are reading this) in the IMC from 3:15-3:45 we will meet to walk through the SLO/Teachscape process. There have been yet more changes to Teachscape that I will discuss. We will also share how to upload your SLO, mid-year changes and will discuss the Summative Cycle process. If you have questions, but cannot make it, we will take notes and I can always offer help to those who need it but cannot make it.

Growth Mindset

The term growth mindset has become an educational buzzword in the last few years as the result of the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck. This is an intriguing book, that as educators, offers ideas of how we can help students, families, ourselves look at how our approach (mindset) to new learning can be an important factor in our success.

A few people have asked me if we had any book studies in mind for the school year. I think this book is a great option. Take a look at the video for more information on the concept. My thought was to see who has interest and begin sometime around the end of this month or beginning of February.

There are a number of online modules to generate thought also so this could be a blended environment, where we meet face-to-face and through the online discussion starters. But do understand this is an OPTIONAL study and will occur after school. It is something, however, you could document under Professionalism, Domain 4 in Danielson.

Growth Mindset Animation