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November 2019 Newsletter


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Veteran's Day Program

Please join us November 11th at 10:30 a.m. in the Fowler Grade School Auditorium for a Veteran's Day Program. Veterans are invited to stay afterward to enjoy a free lunch with our elementary students.

Community Meal & Thanksgiving Break

You are invited to Fowler Schools annual Thanksgiving meal.

On Thursday, November 21, 2019 beginning at 11:00 AM, Fowler Schools will be hosting its annual Thanksgiving meal for students, staff, and family members. This event will be held in the grade school cafeteria. The cost is $6.00 per meal. If you would like to join your child(ren) for this festive event, please R.S.V.P. by November 11, 2019. You can R.S.V.P. by completing the form sent home with your child or by emailing

There will be no school on November 27 and 28 to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you enjoy this time with your family and friends.

Goldbug Apparel

The Goldbug apparel store has reopened and will remain open through Wednesday, November 20th. This is a great way to show your Goldbug spirit and maybe even get some holiday shopping done. All proceeds go towards the JH/HS D.C. Trip in 2020.

Show your Goldbug pride while supporting the JH/HS D.C. Trip.


USD #225 Calendar of Events

Family Dinner Night

FGS hosts Family Dinner Nights each year as an opportunity for parents to engage with our school. This year they will be held on November 5, 12, 19, and 26 at 6:00 p.m. each night. Families may choose to attend any number of these events.

A free family meal will be provided, followed by elementary students presenting about our school, and ending with a family STEM activity in the STEM Lab. At least one parent must attend with their children.

Registration forms were sent home in your child's folder. They are due October 31st.

Review of the 7 Habits

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Educator Mindsets about Learners and Learning

Seven high school staff members attended the Fall Convening for Summit Learning on October 17th & 18th. The professional development offered through these convenings is always phenomenal, and this experience was no different. While teachers learned how to plan for high rigor and customization in the classroom, administrators learned how to provide feedback related to rigor and customization on lesson plans and classroom observations. In addition, the team reflected upon the mindsets we have about learners and learning, which are listed below:

  • Every child can achieve at the highest levels.
  • Children learn best as active participants in the process of acquiring knowledge.
  • Students' investment in their learning is the shared responsibility of educators and students.
  • Every child is unique in key ways (strengths, needs, identities, and life context)- "one size fits all" fits no one.
  • Positive relationships are foundational to a child's sense of safety, belonging, and willingness to challenge themselves.
  • Children must be equipped to be lifelong learners, armed with the skills and habits to keep learning and growing as they face new context in and beyond their school.

In addition, our team reflected upon the positive changes we have seen in our students.

  • "Our students are more empowered as learners. You can hear this in the language they use during conversations as they set goals and explain their plans to complete projects and prepare for assessments. They also often have a back-up plan in case they don't meet their initial goal. I very rarely hear students say they don't know what they need to do anymore." - Mrs. McDowell
  • "I believe that our students have become far more self-directed: they're no longer satisfied with just being told what to do. Instead, I now see students actively seeking connections between their learning and their real life and contextualizing these concepts independently. I also see this self-direction impulse carry through when I take students to outside events. I never have to worry that my students going on field trips are disengaged, apathetic, or poorly behaved: often, these Fowler students are the epitome of mature behavior and curiosity." - Ms. Adams
  • "Students are thinking like mathematicians and applying knowledge through multiple real world scenarios." - Mr. T. Bollinger
  • "Something that I've noticed is that students are starting to take opportunities to challenge themselves to grow. Some examples I've seen of this have been self regulating and recognizing that they need to sit away from certain individuals that they know distract them. I'm super proud of more than a few of them for doing this." - Mr. Adams
  • "Students are figuring out what strategies work for passing focus areas and create their own routines out of those strategies." - Ms. Gipson
  • "I find that students are taking ownership of their learning. They are goal oriented and reflective of both long and short term goals. Their educational achievements are now meaningful and relevant to them in a very deep and personal way.” - Mrs. Bollinger
  • “At its very core, redesign is about getting kids to learn how to think critically and solve problems through their own lens without having to be told how to do it. These are the most important skills that will determine the level of success they will achieve for their own life.” - Mr. J. Bollinger

Quarter Reward Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following students who met the academic and behavioral goals for the first 9 weeks of school:

Middle School: Landon Bollinger, Kate Cunningham, Wolfe Self, & Abby Zortman

High School: Avery Bollinger, Sydney Bollinger, Darien De La Torre, Caleb Heinz, & Jahim Ross

These middle school students earned the privilege of free time in the student lounge during seminar, while the high school students earned the privilege of open lunch.


November 2019 Breakfast Menu - This institution is an equal opportunity provider


November 2019 Lunch Menu - This institution is an equal opportunity provider

Student Activities

Cross Country Success

At the middle school level, Brenna Faurot, 6th grade, and Alex Zortman, 7th grade, competed for medals throughout the entire year. Alex earned himself multiple medals and placed 10th at South Gray. Brenna was also competitive throughout the entire season, taking her top medal at 10th place in Stanton County. The success of both of these athletes as they compete at their young age reflects the hard work they put into the season.

Elijah Zortman, sophomore, has pushed himself to the brink of greatness in his difficult and demanding practices. His continual effort to improve his time has paid off as he took first place at South Central on October 17th followed by second place at Regionals on a difficult course. As Elijah prepared for the state meet at Wamego, he continued in his mindset that good is never good enough. Elijah earned 12th place at state with a personal record time of 18:00. Congrats Elijah!

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Fall Senior Night

Seniors were recognized for their participation in fall athletics on October 25th.

Blaze Bilodeau- football

Sydney Bollinger- volleyball

Tabitha Dawson- volleyball

Darien De La Torre- football

Game Day Spirit Showcase

The Fowler High School cheer team will be returning to Topeka this year to compete in the KSHSAA Spirit Showcase being held on November 23rd. This will be the second year our high school team has competed at this event. We encourage you to come support our cheerleaders. The event is being held at the Topeka-Stormont Vail Center, located at 1 Expocentre Drive in Topeka. Ticket prices are $10.00 for K-12, and $15.00 for adults. There is a $5.00 parking fee.
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Middle School Cheer

The middle school cheer squad performed a routine at the football game on October 25th.

Debate Meet at FHS

In its second season of Debate, the FHS team under the sponsorship of Ms. Adams, hosted its first Debate meet. A highlight of the night was the team of Ethan Boese & Shaylin Garcia going 2-1.
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November 2019 Aspire 4 Higher Calendar


Leadership Roles in Action

FGS tour guides, Colt Dizmang and Bobby Littlewood, recently led a school tour for a visiting teacher. Be sure to check out the display case in the elementary lobby to see photos of the students who are serving in each leadership position each month!
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Blood Drive

Caleb Heinz volunteered as a student leader representing FHS in collaboration with the American Red Cross to put on a blood drive.
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3D Printer

With a vision of creating new opportunities for students to further extend and apply their learning, FHS purchased a 3D printer through our Career and Technical Education pathways funding. The printer is currently housed in a central location so that it can be utilized by all teachers and students. The photos show some middle school students beginning to explore the possibilities with Mr. Taylor Bollinger.

Classroom Integration of VR Headsets

Ms. Adams' Junior/Senior English class took a virtual tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as part of their unit on the novel Night. During this tour, students used virtual reality headsets to immerse themselves in the museum's interactive exhibits on the history, causes, and effects of the Holocaust.

Classroom Integration of PBL/STEM

As first and second graders studied engineering during science class, Mrs. Dizmang included a project based learning activity where students were challenged to design a water bottle holder for their water bottles. The guiding question was: how can we use the design process to create a water bottle holder?
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Principal's Ice Cream Party

Students who read for 20 minutes, 4 nights per week participated in the Principal's ice cream party.
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