Mineral Project

By: Jerry Papalexis


Color- yellow

Luster- vitreous (glassy)

Diaphanous- translucent

Dardness- 2

Cleavage- there is but barely

Streak- yellow

Reasons to buy sulfur

One reason to buy sulfur is that it is found in gunpowder. If you own a lab, you'd be interested in sulfur because its found in sulfuric acid, don't you hate when you run out of sulfuric acid...now you can make your own (if you know how to). Sulfur also has elements that are able to eliminate acne.

Color- varies to all different shades of colors

Luster- waxy

Diaphanous- transparent to translucent

Hardness- 10

Cleavage-perfect in 4 directions

Streak- white


Color- steel/silver, sometimes a red-ish brown

Luster-metallic or dull

Diaphaneity- Opaque

Hardness- 5-6

Cleavage- fracture (absent)

Streak- blood red to brownish red in earthy forms


Color- turquoise, but varies to different shades of green-blue

Luster- dull, waxy

Diaphaneity- opaque

Hardness- 5-6

Cleavage- yes but often not seen

Streak- white with a greenish tint

My Birth Stone

my birth stone is Gernet

Information about Garnet

Color- red/brown

Luster- vitreous

Diophantine- transparent

Hardness- 6.5-8.0