Jim Stark

A Rebel Without a Cause

Jim Starks Traits

Jim stark is a very loyal person. He is loyal to himself, Plato, and Daisy. He wont change for anyone. He is loyal to Judy because when Judy was making smart remarks to him he saw passed those and still was nice to her. Plato was a weird kid who didn't have many friends but he still gave him a chance.
Jim Stark was very true to himself and never backed down from anything. When someone tried to call him out on something he would always stick up for himself and stick up for Daisy and Plato. He will fight with you for his own right and he will stand up for himself to any one or any group.
Jim Stark isn't looked up to by any one and he doesn't have to many friends. Throughout the movie when Jim was being himself and he was starting to get people to look up to him. Jim just had to be himself and Plato and Daisy were fond of him.
I think Jim Stark as a person is a true hero because he didn't do what he did to make him famous he did it to help out others and himself.
I think the main lesson in this movie is too listen to your parents and listen to their rules even if they seem unfair to you they are just trying to protect you.
Jim's family is dysfunctional because he is trying to be a rebel and not listen to his parents. Another reason is because Jim's parents want him to fit in and its hard for everyone to fit in if they are just trying to be themselves. His parents also fight which wouldn't make it better.
I didn't think Jim changed throughout this story because from the beginning he was sticking up for himself, others, and he was acting up by getting drunk. Right from the beginning he was acting as a father figure to Plato by asking if he was cold and wanted his jacket, and in the end he acts as a father figure to Plato and tries to make him safe.
I think that the planetarium is a symbol because it was the first time Plato and Jim met, and it was also where Plato died.