5th Grade News

A Wrangler Gazette Special Column



We have had a great start to 5th grade!!!

Topics Being Covered in Class

Math Adding/Subtracting whole numbers and decimals; Intro to fractions

Reading There will be an emphasis on poetry in preparation for the 2nd

Curriculum Assessment

Writing Expository essays using implied and explicit thesis statements

**There will be weekly spelling lists. The tests will be on Fridays.

This 6 weeks spelling lists will be focused on suffixes

Science 5 types of energy (Mechanical, Light, Sound, Thermal, Electricity)

Social Studies Exploring European colonization and colonial life

A Few Reminders:

-Please check and sign your student’s PDS every night.

-Help your student stay organized by going through their backpack and binder with them. Discuss which papers are homework, need to be signed and returned, and those that can be kept at home.

-Read, read, read

-Study multiplication facts everyday

-Study spelling words



Kelvin Ordonez - Artist

Kelvin Ordonez has been at Williams Elementary since Kindergarten. He loves riding horses, adventures with his grandpa, and muscle cars. Kelvin really enjoys his Social Studies class with Mrs. Witts. He works very hard at writing, and plans to follow his father's footsteps and become a carpenter. However, art is Kelvin's favorite hobby.

Kelvin began drawing a couple of years ago. This year, when his dad was teaching his 13-year-old brother how to draw a three-dimensional house, Kelvin began to explore the various styles of drawing. He likes to draw horses, cars, and houses. He hopes to create art of such great quality that it is handed down through his family from generation to generation one day.

Thank you, Kelvin, for sharing your art with us.

Noel Knoop, Junior Journalist

The Wrangler Gazette is a student published online newsletter. This column is edited by junior journalist, Noel Knoop. Noel's team spirit is a positive asset to the Journalism Club.