U.S. Skating For Gold

Short Track Speed Skating in Sochi.

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Hello reader, name is James Boldi and I'm a student at Calumet New Tech High School. This is my news article based on Emily Scott and her journey into the Olympics, as well as short track speed skating.

In this news article you will find links to other articles, pictures of Emily Scott, and videos based around her and the sport itself. The links are below in blue, if you click on them they'll open in a new tab for you, the reader, to view them.

-Emily Scott overcomes humble beginnings

Emily Scott talks about how she went through tough and hard times on her journey to the Olympics.

Sochi skaters crowdfund Olympic dreams - BBC News
-Emily Scott and The Olympics

Emily Scott is from Springfield, Missouri. She was an inline world champion skater at first and was soon brought to the ice. The link below (www.ky3.com) shows and talks more about what she first achieved, as well as first steps in to speed skating.

Emily Scott: From 'Food-Stamps' To Sochi Olympics
-Emily Scott, Craig Scott and Sochi

This link talks about money for her and her father to get to Sochi.

-Emily Scott in 2005

Emily Scott was an inline skating champion. Here are some pictures of her skating in 2005 when she was a sophomore. These images can be found below.

Short Track Speed Skating Clothing/Equipment

The clothing/equipment is very important, ESPECIALLY for this sport. First on the list are gloves. Gloves help protect your hands from blades, from ice skates, and used for when you're turning on a curve because the hand is placed on the ice. The goggles used are VERY important. They keep shards of ice from hitting your face, as well as wind blowing into your eyes. Could you imagine not wearing safety goggles, everyone doing this sport would most likely end up blind.

The next item on the list is a helmet, a self explanatory item. This item protects your head! With going as fast as these people are, the chances of slipping on ice one good time could end with a slam into the ice rink. Protective gear like knee pads, shin guards, protective Kevlar and even neck guards for neck break speeds. That was a pun ladies and gentlemen. The Knee pads, shin guards and neck guard offers protection from the skaters ahead.

The last two things are a skin-tight suit and skates. A skin tight suit helps reduce wind resistance. With the skin tight suit skaters are able to skate faster than if the were in jeans and a t-shirt. Skates are your main thing, without skates, you can't ice skate. Skates are customized for the speed skater for the best results. The skates are shaped to their foot, and are made of heavier materials that help weigh down the skater for when they're turning corners. The blades are Extremely sharp and are bent at an arc to the left so the boot does not touch the ice while turning.

Emily Scott and Jessica Smith Speed Skating; TEAM USA

Jessica Smith Wins The 1,500m | U.S. Olympic Trials Short Track Speedskating

Funds and Financial Aid for Team USA Athletes

The video and link are about my athlete, Emily Scott, and others on Team USA who needed financial aid to go to Sochi. The video talks about the Short Track Team and their struggles. And the link titled "Supporting Emily Fund For Sochi" will take you to a funding site for just Emily Scott. The link titled "Emily Scott, Craig Scott and Sochi" talks about Emily and her father in Sochi.
Suporting Emily Fund For Sochi

Emily Scott was raising funds to go to Sochi, Russia. Here's a profile on a website she made so people can make donations to her.

The more you know

The video below talks about some personal things about the sport that others didn't know. See what these athletes have to say.
Sochi Olympics 2014 | Things You Don't Know About Short-Track Speedskating | The New York Times

What is the Mechanics and Science behind it, short track?

The video below talks about some of the science and mechanics behind the sport. It talks about what is needed to be understood to win or to even just practice.
Sochi Olympics 2014 | Short Track Speedskating: 'Nascar on Ice' | The New York Times

Ok we know about the U.S. What else is going on in the world with short track?

This video talks about Korean Short Track Speed Skater Lee Sang-hwa finally winning after four days. Nice Job!
Korean speed skater Lee Sang-hwa wins Korea's first gold at Sochi Olympics
Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Schedule

This is a link that will show you the times for all short track speed skating events.

Contact Emily

Contact information to get a hold of Emily Scott
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