Disney Digest 2022-23

September 24, 2022

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Notes from Dr. Elliott

Dear Disney Families,

I want to thank you for attending our first Disney SPS-U event. We hope you enjoyed the event and I look forward to the feedback you have for us to make future events to fit the needs of our families. It is always nice to see all of the families that are engaging with one another. We cannot say thank you enough for the support you provide Disney.

Engage & Encourage

Neighborhood Success

This past couple weeks, our students have enjoyed visiting their Neighborhood families, working together to earn points for our Neighborhood Block Party. Students have been working hard to show their Dolphin BEST in the Diner, the hallway and forming partnerships. It warms my heart to see our older students wanting to support their younger peers. It is so important we take time to celebrate our hard work together. I have included pictures below for you to see the collaboration amongst our students.

Parent Engagement Opportunity P.O.D Strategic Meeting Tues. September 27 @ 7pm

Please join us in the Learning Lab in the Library at 7pm to discuss a possible Parents on Duty program to increase parent partnership in our building. Our doors are finally open and we are looking for support from you! As I visited with some parents, I shared we have some areas of improvement when it comes to supervision and building positive rapport with adults, peers and staff. Parents are often asking how can I be involved. After visiting with a new family at Disney, they shared a WatchDog program. McBride also runs the WatchDog program in their school. This program was brought up previously to Disney leadership. With the importance of parent partnership and our focus on Engage and Encourage, we are revisiting implementation of pieces of the WatchDog program. However, we will make this program our own and it can only be successful with parent commitment. Please feel free to join us this Tuesday @ 7pm to learn more.

Educate & Empower

You should be receiving information from your teachers weekly through newsletter, by email or Bloomz. If your child's teacher utilizes Bloomz, please be sure you are signed up and have the classroom code. It is a window to what is happening in the classroom, what your child is learning and helps guide you in engaging questions to learn about your child's day.

MAP Scores

Your child's MAP scores from the Spring 22 assessment will be coming home this week. Please be looking for those by Wednesday.

Parent Teacher Conference Week Oct. 24-28th (Late Night 25th 3pm-7pm)

Your child's teacher has already reached out to you regarding Parent Teacher Conferences. This is a great time to visit with your child's teacher 1:1 and learn more about your child's progress in the classroom. During your conference, you will learn about your child's Galileo beginning-of-the-year assessment, academic progress and Dolphin BEST.

Galileo is a GRADE LEVEL assessment that gives your child's teacher insight on what strengths, areas of prior knowledge that your child excels or might be missing. This test does not identify your child as being proficient in grade level content at this time. Your child's teacher will provide more information on this assessment and other assessments given to your child at the start of the school year. Please sign up and maintain respect for your child, your child's teacher and the other parents in the classroom by being on time, showing up for your scheduled time and visiting within the allotted time.

Other items in this Digest:

  • Picture Day
  • Counselor Corner

Your partner in education,

Dr. Lori Elliott

Disney Principal


Counselor Corner with Mrs. Moore

Disney Family,

It is starting to feel like fall again outside and for that I am extremely grateful! A pumpkin candle burning, a cool breeze blowing outside, and a pumpkin spice latte in hand makes me so happy!

It’s hard to believe that we have been in school for nearly a month now. It has been so exciting getting to know each of you better as well as to see you in your element. I have also enjoyed getting to know and interact with all of your students, they each hold a very special place in my heart. I love them all as if they were my own kids!

This month in K-2 counseling lessons we will be focusing on listening skills, building empathy, and including others. In 3-5 counseling lessons we will discuss equity and equality, problem-solving, and demonstrating effort. I am looking forward to these lessons and spending more time with your kiddos!

Remember that you or students can request to meet with me here: https://forms.gle/FQeW1oJKU4oDjttCA (K-2 teachers, please be sure to fill out this form if a student tells you that they need to see me)

September CD Tip: The first six weeks of school is a time to focus on routines and rituals. Routines will provide safety, while rituals provide connection. The sooner kids can answer the two fundamental questions, “Am I safe?” and “Am I loved?” in the affirmative, the sooner educators can focus on achieving academic goals. Don’t be discouraged if your students are still struggling with academic endeavors, some students need more time than others to feel safe and loved, which is a prerequisite to learning. Keep building those connections with your students!


Heather Moore, NCC

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PICTURE DAY with Wagner Photography

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 7:30-10:30am

4100 South Fremont Avenue

Springfield, MO

Students will start pictures first thing in the morning and will attempt to be complete by lunch. Times cannot be guaranteed that pictures are taken before recess.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 26 POD Program Strategic Planning 7pm in Learning Lab

Sept. 28 Langford's Class to Gray Campbell Field Trip


Sept. 29 Fourth Grade Music Program @ 6:30 pm

Sept. 30 Graves' Class to Gray Campbell Field Trip

Oct. 3 Rally of the Dolphins 8:15-9:15

Oct. 6 Student Flu Clinic

Oct. 12 Culture Club

Oct. 13 2nd Grade Music Program

Oct. 14 Color Dash


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