Figurative Language



definition: A comparison between two things using like or as.

example: as Blind as a bat.

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Definition: words that intimate sound.

Example: the boy splashed into the water

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One day jimmy whanted to try out for football. Jimmy was to farad to try out four football because every called him names and said mean things to him like you are as skinny as a twig(simile). then when tryouts came along he went when he made it in he was a happy puppy.

when they would lift jimmy would see all the kids and think they were herciles or something. when they were on the feealed playing a scrimige jimmy would get smaked agets the ground.

at jimmy last game in the fall he could see leaves dancing ind the wind. Butt after all thoughs dout the others gave him he divided to use that anger agentes the other players. aft the game was over jimmy had made 5 tuch dounds for his team.