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Leatherback Turtles and Their Dangers

Right now, leatherback turtles are being killed, all over the Pacific Ocean. How? Well, I will tell you right now.

Leatherback turtles are endangered animals because of habitat loss and other threats. They get caught in fishing nets and suffocate due to loss of breath. They swallow plastic bags, because they think that they are jellyfish while they are floating around in the water, so when the swallow them, it clogs up their throats and tangles their intestines. Their eggs get harvested before they hatch and the adults get slaughtered by hunters. Even worse, vehicle traffic on beaches destroys their nests, so many leatherbacks are not born at all.

According to a quote from the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) about the dangers to leatherback sea turtles is, “Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of sea turtles a year are accidentally caught in shrimp trawl nets, on longline hooks and in fishing gillnets. Sea turtles need to reach the surface to breath, and therefore many drown once caught. Known as bycatch, this is a serious threat to leatherback turtles. As fishing activity expands, this threat is more of a problem.” This quote explains how dangerous fishing nets are to leatherback sea turtles. Since leatherbacks are mammals too, they need to breathe air, and if they are caught underwater in fishing nets when they need to refill their lungs, they will die.

Another threat to sea turtles is habitat destruction. A quote about this danger from the WWF website says, “Sea turtles are dependent on beaches for nesting. Sea levels rise, uncontrolled coastal development, vehicle traffic on beaches, and other human activities have directly destroyed or disturbed turtle nesting sites around the world.” This quote explains how since their nesting sites are being destroyed, they cannot lay their eggs and therefore less and less turtles are born each year.

The last threat is egg collection. According to the WWF website, “Egg collection on many turtle nesting beaches is a very serious threat, especially in Southeast Asia where a culture of legal egg collection leads to the removal of tens of thousands of eggs.” This quote demonstrates how dangerous egg collection is to leatherback sea turtles.

Leatherback sea turtles are quickly becoming extinct, so we have to protect them. To help do this, clear plastic bags from beaches, don’t drive on beaches, and leave any eggs that you find where they are. Don’t let the leatherback turtles become extinct. Help save this incredible animal.

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Eisenhower Middle School Band Program

The Eisenhower Middle School has had a band program for years. Incoming musicians start in 5th grade and eventually evolve into a beautiful musician. Eisenhower has four main bands; the seventh grade band, the eighth grade band, the jazz band, and the honors band. Each band has put so much hard work and dedication in their music and once someone hears them play, it makes you and the students feel very eminent. Also, in case you didn’t know, Roxbury schools has one of the best music programs in the state!

To start, the honors band has one of the longest rehearsals. Usually from 2:30-5:00 on Tuesdays. At least they get a ten minute break in between! The songs they are executing are The Cave You Fear, by Michael Markowski, Royal Oak, by Gene Milford, and The Shining Of The Stars, by Robert Sheldon. Each piece has different personalities. One is almost like a rock song with some vocalists, one is happy and bouncy, and finally, the other is smooth and peaceful. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this performance! However, the honors band is very excited this year because they were personally asked to perform at the famous New Jersey Performing Arts Center! This is a huge deal! The honors band will also be working with the composer of The Cave You Fear

, and he may also come to the concert, but that is not official yet. If you ever wanted to come to a concert to see your friends perform, this is definitely the concert you would want to see.

The next band which is very fun to see is the EMS Jazz Band. When they perform it is a night full of fun and swing beats. Those songs really put the swing in swing dancing. The songs they are playing are called Maximum Velocity, Brain Sprain, C-Jam Blues, and Trickey Sticks. All these songs are filled with feel-good beats making you want to dance all night (or day, depends on the mood, really). Anyway, the jazz band has had a past concert which they simply did amazing at. You could really tell they practiced hard and were very focused. Rehearsals started in September and goes all year long until the end of May. But they wouldn’t be as good without the help of the excellent teachers Mr. Adams and Mr. Conrad. They are the ones that made this whole program work and stay for all of these years. I know no one in this school teaches like they do. Please come down to see the jazz band perform sometime, no one regrets it. You sure won’t be blue when they’re playing the blues!

One of the bands I know everyone knows about is the eighth grade concert band. These students have dedicated so much time and effort into making this a great last year at EMS. It will be very sad to see them go, however, we will be seeing more of them in the high school in the future where more opportunities are ahead. Austin Cummis stated, “My favorite part of being in the music program is being able to express my talent through musical instruments and vocal activities.”

I know many more students think this too. There is hundreds of students in this band to make it a life changing experience. The songs they are currently rehearsing for Dorney Park are English Folk-Song Fantasy and Hymnsong Variants. However, there is also another piece they currently were given for the upcoming concert. Lets hope they bring us home a win this year in Dorney Park!

And last but certainly not least, the seventh grade band. Just like the upperclassmen, they too have put lots of hard work in their music to become the best that they could be. Some seventh graders also made it into the honors band. Those are the students who mostly very much dedicated and put lots of time and effort into their music. But, all of the others that auditioned or thought about it are probably really dedicated to their instrument and what the program has to offer as well.

In conclusion, the Eisenhower Middle School band program is one of the best programs to join if you have a hidden musical talent. If you have practiced a lot and you think you have gotten pretty good and will continue practicing, try auditioning for honors band or jazz band. Even if you think you are not that good, audition anyway, what is the worst that could happen? If you don’t make it, try again. The teachers are really good at helping you get better and motivating you. As I said before, if you want to join something and you have a lot of free time at home, try the band program. Once you find an instrument you like, you will never want to put it down. Happy playing!

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Take A Bite Into The Apple Watch

From Macintosh to iPhones and iPods, the Apple Company makes a hit in the technology industry all over the world. Several months after the iPhone 6 was released, they add a new selection to their inventory, the Apple Watch. Considering that this device isn’t quite in stores yet, let’s take a bite into Apple Watch and discover what customers will expect.

Apple made three different types of watches to fit various types of people. The forms are the Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition. Watch Sport has a wrist band suitable for athletes so it won’t fall of your wrist and includes apps for training. Watch Edition is designed with 18-karat gold or rose cases. This type of watch is more designed for business customers and ones who want to look more professional. According to, the prices of the watches ranges from $349 to $17,000. The Apple Watch may have some similar features and apps from other products such as the iPhones but they are very unique. According to, the Apple Watch includes messaging, phone calling, camera, music, and more similar apps. Some features of the watches are sending out your own heartbeat and sketches. To add to that, the emojis are animated! Receiving notifications can be much easier now that you’ll feel taps on your wrist. The Apple Watch was available for pre-order online on April 10, 2015 but the customers will be receiving them at the door on April 24, 2015 or later.

The way that Apple has chosen to release the watch is different from how they released other products. For example, when the iPhone 6 was out in late 2014, customers walked into an apple store and came out with the new product. However, with Apple Watch, customers has to pre-order online before having it shipped to their home. Angela Ahrendt, the senior vice president of retail and online sales of Apple, wrote a memo to staff about the Apple Watch. “It’s important to remember that Apple Watch is not just a new product but an entirely new category for us. There’s never been anything quite like it.” [The Telegraph By: Rhiannon Williams]. Ahrendt mentions that Apple Watch is a very unique product and it’s a whole new category. “Are we going to launch every product this way for now on? No. We all love those blockbuster Apple product launch days - and there will be many more to come.” she wrote. [The Telegraph By: Rhiannon Williams]. She also confirmed that Apple will not always launch products this way in the future. “The days of waiting in line and crossing fingers for a product are over for our customers,” she wrote. [Business Insider By: Jim Edwards]

Finally, a poll was sent out to 20 seventh and eighth grade students at EMS. The first question was if they would buy Apple Watch and surprisingly only 15% said yes and 85% said no. As a follow up question, the students answered to explain why they would or would not purchase the new watch. The majority of the students who chose not to buy the watch said that it was too overpriced for a watch and for the students who would buy the watch said it’s a great invention and a big step into the future. Each day, creators make new technology to assist us with tasks that are difficult and it may be Apple Watch that will start a whole new perspective on our future.

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Insurgent Book Adaptation Shocks Fans

Insurgent Book Adaptation Shocks Fans

Insurgent is a sequel to the best-seller book Divergent by Veronica Roth. The Divergent trilogy has been a huge worldwide hit, and as of January 1st 2014, over 10 million copies have been sold. There has been two movie adaptations and two more will be added (Allegiant, the third and final book, is being split in two parts.)

Insurgent the most recent film, hit theaters on March 21, 2015. The film has a cast with many talented actors such as Shailene Woodley (Tris Prior), Theo James (Tobias “Four” Eaton) Kate Winslet (Jeanine Matthews), Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior) and Miles Teller (Peter). Despite the outstanding cast, many fans were outraged by the movie. The reason for this is that the movie’s plot was drastically changed. According to People Online, the author, Veronica was involved in the movie making. In fact, Veronica talked about her involvement. She said, “

The plot in the movie is very different than the book’s plot. In the Insurgent book Tris and Four just escape the Abnegation section of the city, they are wanted for shutting down the Erudite attack stimulation. They Amity, another faction. where Tris struggles with the grief of losing her parents in the attack, and the guilt of killing one of her best friend, who was under the stimulation. It is there where Tris learns the motive for the attack on Abnegation. Marcus, Four’s abusive father, reveals that the attack was to steal information from the leaders of Abnegation. She learns that the Erudite succeeded in stealing the information. Tris and the other fugitives can not stay at Amity for long, because the Erudite authorities are hunting for them. So they fled to the Candor compound were the loyal Dauntless are staying. Tris begins to do bold and reckless things to try and honor her dead parents and retrieve the information the Abnegation gave their lives to protect. She does things that are unpredictable and life-threatening to try and find the information. Being divergent and having an aptitude for 3 of the 5 factions, she is a threat to the Erudite, and they will do ANYTHING to stop Tris.

In the movie however, the plot is based on a “box” that was found in Tris’s parents’ house in Abnegation. Jeanine, the leader of Erudite, has it now and needs to find out what is in the box The box supposedly holds the answers to the future. The box is locked, and Jeanine can’t get it open because only a divergent with the aptitude of all 5 factions can unlock the box. So Jeanine’s followers including the unloyal Dauntless, start tracking down the Divergents to see who is the key to the future.

As you can tell by the brief summaries, the plot lines are very different. There are many other parts of the movie that are drastically different from the book. If you would like to find these out you can find Insurgent in any store that sells books, and the Insurgent movie is set to be on DVD some time in April.

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Chimpanzees Really Don't Like Drones

Animals are a huge part of our life. Many animals such as monkeys have adapted to our everyday lives. They are used to seeing many things that we see daily especially ones that live in zoos. What they are not used to seeing all the time are drones.

On April 10th, 2015 at the Royal Burgers Zoo a chimpanzee named Tushi was caught on tape doing something quite unusual for an animal. As the chimp was sitting in her tree she saw a drone fly in. On the Bailick Express website it stated “They felt a drone was intruding on its privacy” Startled as she was, she quickly grabbed a tree branch and whacked the drone to the ground.

As I searched the internet I found a video of the action. I showed a few people the video then interviewed them getting their reactions. Each one of those peoples reactions and expressions were different in many ways. Matt Erenberg was stating how he felt bad for the chimpanzees, seeing them caged in and filmed, where they should be in the wilderness. Sam Nolting thought the video was interesting yet funny the way the chimpanzee reacted. Lastly Brian Gonzalez thought the video was interesting yet unique.

I then asked them “Why do you think the chimp hit the drone?”. Sam Nolting stated

Brianna Bellar said

. Both of these reasoning can be right, but on the Daily Mail website is stated “Once the drone arrived at the chimpanzee quarters the intelligent primates immediately discovered the spying little plane and right away armed themselves with long sticks against this inquisitive electronic intruder”. This was most likely showed how they were frightened.

The last question I asked them was why do you think the people controlling the drone would invade the privacy of the animals in the zoo? All of the students I interviewed replied saying how scientist use the information for research. Although that is not what exactly happened.

What they were actually using the footage for was to film a reality T.V. show called

that airs in the Netherlands. The producers of this program use actual footage to educate people, the inside life of caged animals. But unluckily while they were filming, the furious chimpanzee knocked down the camera, costing the zoo to buy another $2,100 dollar drone. On the website it stated “With the camera still rolling on the ground Friday after Tushi’s strike, the zoo got some close-up footage anyway of chimps coming to inspect their kill”.