An Overview Of Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is nothing but a policy that provides medical health coverage for travellers who visit international countries almost on a regular basis. Along with the medical coverage, this kind of policy also covers emergency medical evacuation as and when required. Travel health insurance packages include trip cancellation/interruption insurance, accident insurance, emergency evacuation, baggage loss and so on. Some of the policies even provide cover for accidental death while traveling.

The premiums of the travel health insurance policies vary in relation to your age, the country you are visiting, the cost of your vacation, the distance that will be covered by you, any preexisting medical conditions, your requirements etc. The premiums are generally very affordable and feasible.

There are basically two kinds of protection policy offered by the travel health insurance packages. First of all there is the emergency protection which will be perfect for you if your traditional health insurance policy does not provide medical coverage overseas. This kind of emergency protection policy will protect you during your visit and expire after your trip ends.

The second type of protection policy is comprehensive protection. You should opt for such a policy if you are not medically insured at all. Under the comprehensive protection policy you will obviously get better coverage than the emergency protection policy.

Workers, students, scientists, tourists, au pairs etc all can acquire travel health insurance packages because these are the people who travel to international countries most frequently. For elderly people also there are special travel health insurance policies. But these are usually expensive because the chances of old people falling ill during a trip are high. There are group insurance packages available as well.

Many travel health insurance companies have come into existence. So carry out a proper research so that you can get hold of the right travel health insurance package.