Lot's Of Thinking!

The Wolf Or The Pig?

Last week we finished up our third Unit Of Study. We finished the 4 week study with reading Three Little Pigs various versions. The kids loved hearing all of the different fractured versions. Their favorite quickly became The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. In this version the Wolf is telling the story, and telling his side. The kids had such an awesome conversation with me about this. We talked and debated about why they thought he could be telling the truth. We also saw it from the Pigs side as well. The kids got to write who they believed and put it on a sticky note. Then we compared the answers. The kids did a great job defending their opinion. We also wrote who we believed and why. These are hanging on our wall now, so I took a picture to show. We also chose our favorite character between the Wolf and The Pigs story and wrote about it. They go to turn their writing into the Wolf or the Pig. We are working hard to add details to our writing beyond one sentence. Our sight words should now be spelled correctly in their writing. We are also working on neatness, punctuation marks and finger spaces.

Month Of Giving

Last week we collected so many books for the needy. I was very excited to see how excited the kids were to share them. This week we are collecting donations for Toys For Tots. We are doing this by collecting any monetary donation, which earns each grade level feathers for our grade level turkey. The grade level to collect the most money gets to watch a movie during lunch. Thanks for supporting a great cause!

Brain Break Fun!

The kids are loving our brain break at the end of the day. They get to be the turkey. They have to follow directions as hens and toms. At the end of the song they pretend to go to sleep. I will send a video. The pics are of them sleeping.