Do not ban violent video games

They are not the cause of violence they just contain it

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My purpose

My purpose is to discourage the banning of violent video games. this will be addressed as the purpose of my argumenth


My audience are the parents of children who condone the playing of video games. I will Appel to my target audience so that they better aggre with my point of view.


Games don't cause people to be violent. I will use my claim as the base of my argument and add on to it


For my evidence I will list their know benefits and the purpose video games were made. I will use my evidence to support my claim.


Video games have a rating on the front and more details on the back that warn what is contained in this game and store clerks will not let you buy it if you are under a certain age unless you have a parent preset to say it is okay. My reasoning will be the back bone of my claim and will show my point of view.

Counter claim

If you buy a game that influence your child in a negative way it said on the rating what was in the game so you knew when you bought it. I will use my counter claim to deter anybody who would argue with my reasoning.