Nebraska Pride In Football

Norfolk Jr. High

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Braden J Forney

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Believe You Can Make It


Solitaire is a card game that you can either play in real life or on a computer. Solitaire can be a short game depending on the practice you have in the game. The object of the game is to get all of the hearts, spades, clovers, and diamonds stacked on each other. Some people can solve the game in a short time. My fastest time is three minutes, but sometimes it can take a half hour or at least that’s my longest time, to complete a game.

All About Nebraska Football

One of the biggest teams in football is the Cornhuskers. This team is very popular for their five national championship titles, but really without the best coach in Nebraska history, Coach Osborne, many people think that they would’ve never made it. Since Coach Pelini took over we have not won a national championship.
Although they have had a whole lot of competition, like teams from Missouri Tigers to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Sometimes they do really good, but they can’t really compete with teams like Alabama, Florida, and Notre Dame.
Nebraska does have a lot of records, like a still going record of sold out games, and to winning five national championships. They have a smaller record of not getting beat by Indiana since 1959, which I think is pretty impressive.
I’m really impressed with the players. Some of the best players there are have came through the Huskers, like Rex Burkhead the running back, or the defensive linemen Suh. Right now my favorite players are Taylor Martinez and Ameer Abdullah.
I also like the mascots Lil’ Red and Herbie. I really like the symbols of the big red N, and the skull and crossbones that represents the defense.
All I know is that I think Nebraska is the best college team there is.

For School Uniforms

I am for school uniforms because you would not have to spend money on clothes. How like some people like to spend a whole bunch of money on jeans, jackets, shorts, t- shirts, and all the other types of clothes. With school uniforms, people would not be judged by what people would wear. It’s not the most ugly thing you could wear, and some people don’t have the money to spend on new clothes.

Here Comes the Boom

It’s about a school teacher who cares about his students enough to take a beating and win the money for his school.
HERE COMES THE BOOM - Intimidation