Fluency is the ability to...

read a text quickly, accurately, and with proper expression

Fluency Strategy: Phrasing

Phrasing is the ability to read several words together before pausing. This helps readers to derive meaning from the passage. Phrasing improves reading rate and comprehension. Understanding grammar helps students see the "natural phrases" in a sentence, such as noun phrases, verb phrases, and prepositional phrases. Also, punctuation helps the reader understand when to pause, and which parts of the sentence are phrased together.

Fluency Strategy: Assisted Reading

Assisted reading builds fluency by providing support and interaction, resulting in feedback. Social reading benefits the reader by showing support and engaging in conversations about the text. Asking questions about reading techniques and getting feedback from the reader helps to build fluency skills

Fluency Strategy: Rereading develops rapid, fluent oral reading decreasing errors and improving expression.


All of these strategies help to build fluency. Fluent readers recognize words automatically and have greater comprehension. The strategies, techniques, and skills are important for teachers to use working with students in shaping them into strategic readers.

Fluency, WOOHOO!!