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She slows the beast down right

They will start to worry about me. Who? Is there someone else out here with you? She begins to worriedly look around searching for another person. No, I respond, they are payday loans that way. I turn around to point in the direction of the Ridian camp, but everything begins to get blurry as my head starts to spin. We do not have time for this.

I will not leave you payday loans out here alone to bleed to death. There is a blizzard coming. She stands up and makes a loud high-pitched whistle noise in three evenly separated intervals. Out of nowhere, a large beast of an animal comes hurdling towards us. Right as I begin to fear we are both in trouble of being stampeded, the animal halts right at her feet.

She gives the animal gentle pats on his black mane of hair to calm him down. She moves towards me and kneels next to my injured side. She puts her hands on my bandage and instructs, Hold tight onto this, okay. She makes another weird noise, but this time at a much lower pitch. The animal kneels down on all fours.

She puts her hands underneath my underarms and swiftly places me onto the beast. With another odd whistle, the beast stands back up and she skillfully jumps onto the animal. She places one hand on a leather strap attached to the animal and gently places the other on top of my hand on the bandage to apply more pressure. In an instant, the beast is off running at full speed. The bitterly cold wind is vigorously whipping at me.

The harsh icy winds are helping me to hold onto my consciousness, payday loans but the longer we ride, the cold becomes increasingly more unbearable. My eyes are beginning to become heavy. She keeps insisting I stay awake so I fight off the drowsiness. It feels as if we have been riding forever. Just hang on.

We are almost there, she yells over the sound of loud pattering hooves. My right hand begins to feel wet, payday loans and I can see the bandage is completely red now. My blood payday loans has soaked through it. Her hand is white from amount of pressure she is applying to the bandage. I begin to worry because I cannot even feel anything anymore.

My entire body has grown numb. We emerge from the dense forest onto an old dirt path. We begin riding straight ahead towards a stonewall.

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