January 25, 2016 : : 8 Items

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GA School Personnel Survey

Please take a moment to take this survey. It is anonymous. This survey is for our state CCRPI measure (state report card). We took a similar survey earlier this year. That was the Gwinnett Co. RBES teacher survey. This survey takes under 5 minutes to complete. Please take it today!

Thank you!

GA Parent Survey

Please share this GA Parent Survey in your Friday newsletter this week. It is anonymous. This survey is for our state CCRPI measure. Parents took a similar survey earlier this year. That survey was the Gwinnett Co. RBES parent survey. The survey takes parents under 5 minutes to complete.

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Student Led Conference Video

Why have the student-led conference? It isn't about the student leading the conference. It is about the student knowing where they stand in their education and being able to discuss, analyze, and set goals. Even Kindergarteners can discuss their learning. Check this out!
Kindergarten Student-Led Conference

Cold Weather & Recess

Classes must stay inside for recess when the temperature goes below 40 degrees. If a student wears no jacket or wears shorts they may not go out to recess. We do want them running around at recess, but we have to be smart about it. A reminder is going out to parents. Mary Taylor will be announcing the temperature on the morning announcements throughout the winter.

Bragging on...

LCES Teachers

Today at church the --- family was back visiting for the three day weekend. When asking about school, Mrs. --- had this to say:

"The school where they go is good, but it is not Level Creek." She said her children were pushed and challenged at the Creek!

Michelle Stine: She is such a hard worker. Even though she is always running around and extremely busy, she has made time to come and talk with me about students that I am concerned about AND she is coming to observe them to give me some advice.

-Hope Wooster

Kerri Griffin: She has been so helpful and is always willing to lend supplies or help me in any way, shape, or form!

-Hope Wooster

Kristen Ezell: She let me come and observe her reading groups. She stepped up and took grade chair when Kelley left (and is doing a great job!). She is also a passionate teacher.

-Hope Wooster

Cindy Newman: She has been very helpful with my needy group of kids. She is always willing to meet with me whenever I ask and she has been frequently checking in on me.

-Hope Wooster

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From the High School

Even though it's cold outside, it's time to think about summer camps in the North Gwinnett Cluster! The county is requesting we add camps with an academic or artistic emphasis as well as those aligned with sports. If you would like to sponsor a summer camp at one of the cluster schools, please email Tina. She will send a Summer Camp/Activity Form and which is due to David Strickland by Friday, February 3rd. All camps, leagues or tournaments at North Gwinnett High School must be approved by the Athletic Director and must be organized through the Community School.

NG Cluster Math Teachers learning at NGMS.

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Personal Info. in Mailroom

If you haven't put anything on the board in the mailroom, please do so Monday. This is a good way for folks here who don't know you well to see your face and learn a bit about you. Thank you!
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School Goals to support our LSPI

Collaborative Planning Goals

  1. Collaboratively plan lessons
  2. Use data/student work to plan
  3. Deconstruct the standards

eCLASS Goals

  1. Class websites should be linked through eCLASS.
  2. Classwork/Homework assigned weekly through eCLASS (not 'extra' work).
  3. Use discussion boards at least 1x for Language Arts and 1x for Math each Semester.