Electronic Medical Records

Amber Barnett

The Purpose?

The purpose of electronic medical records (EMR) is to increase the accessibility and sharing of health information or records with authorized individuals. In order for it to be safe from anyone that wants to steal precious information, the creators of this new technology has made sure only specific people gets patient information.


  1. it tracks data over time (less of a mess)
  2. identifies patients who are due for preventative visits and screenings
  3. monitors how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings
  4. improve quality
  5. information stored in EMRs aren't easily shared with people outside of healthcare

Allows anyone involved with the patients care to get the records they need

Guaranteed to be safe for all patients

How Its Safe:

  • EMRs can detect if a person has a potentially life-threatening complication.
  • at the UCSF medical center in San Francisco, they developed a software embedded in the EMR software that detects anything harmful in the records.
  • it scans the electronic medical record of every patient for certain signals that indicate this patient has a problem and people can interfere

Do I believe EMRs are good and ever healthcare facility should have it?

Yes, i believe EMRs could revolutionize how healthcare workers transfer information and it could be helpful for many things. Such as the fact that since 2008 to 2014 the percentage of medical info being stored has went from 41 to 76. Yes, it would be better to have this everywhere in the next 5 years.