By: Nia Layton; Danasia Williams

Bullying of the obese group

This campaign is for kids/teens who have been a target for being overweight. They get picked on for being different, in their shape.

No Laughing Matter!

Kids are either victims or the bully. Obese children are most likely to get bullied at school. Some kids don't notice they are doing so until the victims shows a sign of hurt. Children today are just brutally honest about things. They really don't mean harm. These types of actions lead to emotional tolls on others. Plenty of turmoils in just one child's life.

What Can You Do?

You can help by treating others with respect. You should treat people the way you want to be treated. Give a hand out to show you are there.
Laugh at the Fat Kid


Our counselors have private talks with students who need help with their predators around schools. You may never know, we might come to yours. If you don't like surprises, just give us a call.

Join Us

Come along with us. You want to be apart of our program sign up. Help us get the word out. Spread our word to fellow peers and adults that we show effort to ensure for us to live in a bully-free environment.

HelpingHand T-Shirts

Our program can help everyone, including you. Speak up for what is being done wrong. Help us help you. We want to understand whats going on. Curious people around you should know too, so get a free HelpingHand T-Shirt. We want to make sure to help everyone in a more effective way.
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We have all sorts of contests you can participate in. Fundraisers will be going on to help our program. Win a Free Mystery Box! Get ahead of everyone on our free gifts.

Need a Hand

We can enjoy life better if we just saw one another the same. Yes, we have our unique ways, but it does not mean we can judge. Help us stop the bullying and bring everyone together.